I was thrilled when I flipped through the pages of Soap Opera Digest recently and saw three soap actresses featured in a national advertising campaign.
Kassie DePaiva (Blair on One Life to Live), Bobbie Eakes (Krystal on All My Children) and Rebecca Herbst (Elizabeth on General Hospital) were hamming it up in a “got milk?” ad, complete with the ubiquitous milk mustache.
How cool is that?
As a longtime soap fan, it always tickles me when the genre’s actors and actresses get a little extra recognition. I would say being part of a major ad campaign qualifies, wouldn’t you?
Not only that, but whoever selected these three particular actresses was right on target.
I’m not a big fan of AMC‘s Krystal, but I have always appreciated Bobbie’s talents as a performer. She has a way of connecting with her characters, displaying true vulnerabilities that viewers can relate to.
As for Blair on OLTL, I think she is poised to be the “Viki” of her generation. She already has proven her staying power as a character, and Kassie’s portrayal continues to be the right mix of satin and steel. Plus, the actress is so warm and open with her fans.
Then there’s Rebecca. Michele likes to pick on me for my blatant “girl crush” on the woman. But really. Look at her. Can you blame me? Becky is one of the few women I let my husband say nice things about, so that must tell you something. I love GH‘s Elizabeth and I admire how well Becky brings her to life. And the actress is always so gracious in person.
So all in all, I think the milk industry got some worthy women to hawk their product.
And the soap world once again shows it has plenty of substance to go with the froth.
(Photo courtesy of got milk?)

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