Lately I’ve been imagining that Logan from General Hospital and Richie from All My Children have been sitting around, playing poker in purgatory, just biding their time until their next scheduled haunting.
And they’re obviously using the same stylist.
This week both popped up in their killer’s mind’s eye, looming ever so pale and gaunt and ghastly as Lulu and Annie peered respectively over the shoulder of the man they love.
Check out their recent hauntings here:

Granted, I’m sure that guilt could cause some whopper hallucinations, but is it really that common for someone to “see” their victim? And, in Annie’s case, to have the person talk, as well?
It actually was kind of funny for me when, while visiting Laura, Lulu asked (and I paraphrase): “Did you see Rick Webber after you thought you’d killed him?”
All I could think was, “Honey, this is a soap opera. Of course, she did.” (Not that I remember Laura actually seeing Rick, but then again, that whole story line turned me off on various levels, so I could have completely missed it in my attempt to disregard the ruination of the once-noble and fatherly character of Rick Webber and the disrespectful send-off for Genie Francis as Laura.)
Anyhoo …
The spookily parallel ghost sightings on AMC and GH spotlights how uninspired soaps can be.
But I’ll forgive ’em this time around, namely because I am enjoying the extra torture for Lulu. And any additional screen time for Josh Duhon and Billy Miller is welcome in my book.
Speaking of Billy, he’ll be joining The Young and the Restless as Billy Abbott. Good for him. And good for Y&R.
Now if only someone would snap Josh up.
Then maybe, just maybe, I will no longer be haunted by GH‘s stupid decision to kill off Logan.

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