Didn’tcha just love the Aiden Devane flashcard technique for winning Greenlee back on All My Children?
Aiden was so-o-o cute, wasn’t he?
And hot.
Yeah, hot.
Definitely HOT…in a cute way.
Well, here, check it out for yourself.

And, just yesterday, Greenlee hit Aiden with some flashcards of her own.
Namely, the forgiveness card.
So it looks like this couple will get another chance at love.
And I’m glad for that.
Mainly because Aiden (Aiden Turner) really hasn’t had much of a storyline for his run on the show – until his romance with Greenlee (Rebecca Budig).
And I like Aiden.
And want to see more of him.

One thought on “Aiden Devane Finds A Creative Way To Win Forgiveness

  1. Kimi
    August 19, 2008 at 12:21 pm

    I loved the flash card forgiveness scenes. Very original. I really love Aidan/Greens too. Unfortunately after their wedding, trapped in the bathroom scenes & the biggest diss of them all – Greenlee staring at Ryan instead of her hubby or (gasp!) straight ahead at the camera while their picture was being taken, I dunno …