By Michele Dargan

Set your TIVO’s, DVR’s and any other recording device you have!

Today’s the day longtime All My Children fans like myself have been awaiting.

It’s the 40th anniversary show today and tomorrow and AMC will be bringing back many beloved vets who we haven’t seen for eons – including some of my faves: Julia Barr as Brooke, Walt Willey as Jackson, Taylor Miller as Nina, James Mitchell as Palmer and real-life husband and wife Kelly Ripa and Mark Consuelos as Haley and Mateo!

Walt Willey  ABC/Yolanda Perez

Walt Willey ABC/Yolanda Perez

40 years!

And I’ve been watching the show pretty much from the beginning!

Click here to read the info on who will be back for the two shows.

You can watch the SOAPnet sneak peeks below.

I absolutely LOVE the clips from the good old days….soooo nostalgic!

Mona Kane!

Tom Cudahy!

Phil Brent!

But watching those old clips makes me yearn – all the more -for the good writing, fleshed-out storylines and core characters from years ago.

So sit back….watch…enjoy….and stop back here and let me know what you thought about AMC’s 40th anniversary show.

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