I love all things Hubbard on All My Children.
Truly, I do.
But lately … and this is really hard for me to admit … Angie is getting on my nerves.
It’s not that I don’t appreciate what a loving, intelligent and competent woman she is. ‘Cause I do.
It’s not that I don’t appreciate her marvelous portrayer, Debbi Morgan. ‘Cause I do.
And it’s not that I don’t appreciate Debbi’s chemistry with Darnell Williams (Jesse), Cornelius Smith Jr. (Frankie) or Yaya DaCosta (Cassandra). ‘Cause I do.
What I’m not appreciating is her unwavering objection to Jesse joining the police force … in any capacity.
I get why she has reservations, why she fears the possibility so much. She just got Jesse back, after years of thinking he was dead. She blames his work as a police officer for the hell she and Frank and Jesse went through, and she’s not ready to take the chance that Jesse’s job will put him in danger again.
I get it. Really. And I keep reminding myself of her valid concerns.
But it’s starting to bother me that she’s letting fear run their lives.
Can’t she see how Jesse lights up at the notion of being on the force once more? (Check out the scenes below.) Telling him he can’t … or shouldn’t … be a cop is kind of cruel. The guy has put his life on hold for too long. He’s had to give up so much already to protect the ones he loves. Now he deserves a chance to truly live and do the things he enjoys, even if it means a little peril and excitement here and there.

Plus, it’s not like Jesse’s looking to become a flatfoot on patrol. He’s been offered the opportunity to be the police chief, which is usually more desk than danger.
Besides, Angie pressuring him to give up his passion for policing would be like him telling her she can’t work on people with infectious diseases anymore. I know that her job hasn’t put their family in danger the way Jesse’s has, but it could. Does that mean she needs to find some cushy teaching job, as well?
I recognize this is just a bone of contention thrown Jesse and Angie’s way to cause a little friction. We wouldn’t want them to be too happy, eh? This is a soap, after all.
But Angie’s bordering on selfish and whiny. And, frankly, I don’t think it’s a fitting trait for this otherwise remarkable heroine.

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2 thoughts on “AMC’s Angie needs to let her fear go

  1. SallyV
    June 28, 2008 at 7:16 am

    Well, you got your wish Friday! Was that a great scene or what?! I just love Angie & Jesse and the way she gave in to him being chief was so sweet…tears in the eyes sweet.
    I was feeling the way you were too, that Angie was going overboard in her fears, but kept trying to remember how long she was without Jesse and she blamed the police department for 20 years, so it just took some time before she could accept the fact that that’s where he belongs and is happiest.

  2. Kara
    June 28, 2008 at 1:59 pm

    Yeah, Sally. How ’bout that? It almost makes me look like I know what I’m talking about. LOL.
    It was nice to see Angie step up and be the woman I know she is, although I *totally* understood where she was coming from. I just didn’t want her to make her “second chance” with Jesse a miserable experience by keeping him from following his career bliss, so to speak.
    But that’s part of what I love about these two. They seem so real, at least by soap standards anyway 🙂 I expect them to actually work through their issues like adults (which is rare for daytime, I know).
    Thanks again for your thoughts!