All My Children‘s Carey women are putting the dumb back in daytime.
First off, there’s Babe, defending sociopath Richie to Richie’s own sister.
Um, Babe? Annie has known Richie all her life. You? You’ve been acquainted with him for a few months. You’re being stupid. Did you get a lobotomy along with the new face?
And then there’s Krystal, Babe’s mother. It really didn’t surprise me that she forgave Adam and took him back into her life. What did surprise me is that she seemed to expect Tad to be OK with it.
Um, Krystal? You must be taking the same “stupid pills” that your daughter’s been swallowing down. Then again, maybe Babe’s just following your lead, supporting a man who makes it a habit of preying on others.
At least Babe has some sort of excuse. Richie’s never done anything to hurt her, nor has she seen him hurt anyone else.
Krystal, on the other hand, has first-hand experience with Adam’s cruelty. Not only did he leave her writhing on the floor in labor, but he also kidnapped the newborn baby — Tad and Krystal’s daughter, Jenny — and tried to sell her on the black market.
And Krystal worked things out with the man? Wow. Dumb, dumb, dumb.
Thank goodness Tad wised up and started calling Krystal on her utter stupidity.
I’ll admit, I’ve never been a Tad/Krystal fan. She’s a much better fit for Adam because, frankly, Tad deserves so much better. That became even clearer to me when she tried to excuse Adam’s behavior away by saying he was devastated that she had cheated on him.
I’m sorry, but how does that translate into abandoning a woman and her unborn baby and then peddling said baby like a ham hock?
I don’t blame Tad one iota for wanting Adam far, far, far, far … and did I mention far? … away from Jenny. Tack on Tad’s long, contentious history with Adam and I think Mr. Martin has a legitimate case.
While Krystal can’t help whom she loves (I guess), she sure as heck can help keep her youngest daughter safe. That’s all Tad’s asking for.
Of course, all of this makes for great soapy drama. I just sometimes wish the dumb-o-meter wouldn’t rise so high. But with the Carey women on the prowl, I think I’m outta luck.

2 thoughts on “AMC’s Carey women a parade of dumb

  1. Kimi
    December 14, 2007 at 12:32 pm

    Altho I have never been a fan of the Carey women … I do think Adam reacted to Krystal’s lies & manipulations about Jenny being his baby & made some stupid decisions because of that. I wasn’t mad at him.
    If Tad wasn’t involved, I could have dealt with Krystal never getting her baby back after what they did to Bianca (I know, I suck).
    Does that excuse all Adam’s done since? Heck no! should Tad let it slide? Heck no! He’s seen first hand what Adam’s done to his children.
    But I have to agree that whatever it took to separate Tad & Krystal, works for me.
    Jenny being Tad’s kid definitely made for great soap opera, but I HATED that he was connected to Krystal forever now. Tad definitely deserves better & I hated that he seemed to be catching feelings for Krystal.
    As far as Babe & Richie … I’m not sure this storyline would fly under Alexa Havins. & oh how I wish David was around to show Richie what crazy really is LOL!
    I’m just waiting for the day when Babe HAS to go to Annie & apologize for giving her grief all these months & watch her take the “I told you so” with a grain of salt.

  2. Kara
    December 14, 2007 at 11:27 pm

    Hi, Kimi. I could never truly hate Adam; David Canary does such a great job of showing his vulnerability, even in the face of all his dastardly deeds. But I just had to wonder about Krystal’s willingness to take him back. If it was just her life in question, I could see it, but she’s got a little girl to consider.
    As for Babe, ITA. I keep trying to picture Alexa playing this storyline and I just can’t. Babe was never that naive before.
    And I am soooooo glad to see Tad moving on with someone besides Krystal. I’m actually liking him with Hannah. Go figure.
    BTW, I appreciated your enthusiasm for GH’s Taggert. Can you believe Michele doesn’t even remember him? Shame on her!