As I’ve been watching All My Children this week, I’ve realized a few things.
First, I’m going to miss Colin Egglesfield as Josh Madden.
I think it’s a shame the show couldn’t do more with him long term, especially considering TPTB took the time to introduce the character based on some pretty preposterous history rewrites.
But I will say that AMC at least had the decency to give him a pretty dramatic exit story. Rather than have him just quietly slip from the canvas (i.e. Brooke, Ava, Jonathan), the show is using his departure to create tension and drama. I mean, ticking off Zach (Thorsten Kaye) and trampling his trust is definitely a recipe for explosion.
Already, Josh’s actions are giving Zach and Kendall (Alicia Minshew) some friction in their relationship, which should keep this electric pair front and center, where they belong.
So I suppose it’s not all a waste, but I can’t help but think AMC dropped the ball on this one.
Another person I’m going to miss? Billy Miller as Richie.
Yeah, I know. He’s already dead. But the guy is so deliciously, evilly funny as wacky Annie’s personal peanut gallery. Did you see the scenes where he’s lying on the bed, chomping on popcorn, while he “helps” Annie (Melissa Claire Egan) plan Greenlee’s demise? If not, check ’em out below. Such a macabre hoot.

It’s gonna be hard to finally see him gone from Pine Valley, but I wish the actor all the best on The Young and the Restless.
Finally, there’s Kathy. I know that her behavior toward Krystal is unacceptable and that the little girl needs some serious help. But I feel for the kid because … frankly? I don’t like Krystal much either.
In fact, I really, really, really, really, really wish Tad wasn’t tied to her in any fashion. Not that Jenny isn’t cute, but I keep hoping she’ll actually turn out to be Adam’s.
Hey, it could happen.

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