Ooohh, things are gettin’ good on All My Children.
First off, there’s romance. Greenlee and Aidan (Sabine Singh and Aiden Turner), for starters. I adore how he gets to be all hero-like with her, and she gets to be her sassy, vulnerable self with him. Love it.
And, of course, there’s Kendall and Zach. I may not always agree with these characters’ actions, but there’s no denying they are perfect for each other. And the actors (Alicia Minshew
and Thortsen Kaye) have a nice, easy, remarkably believable chemistry.
But it’s not just the love stories. Those are simply threads in the overall tapestry on display these days in Pine Valley.
AMC has wisely thrown Greenlee, Aidan, Kendall and Zach into a major story together. Talk about combustion — not to mention history (some of it pretty ugly), high emotional stakes and personal ties that reach far across the canvas.
In fact, the show has done a superb job of building the story surrounding the decimation of a once-formidable friendship.
I am riveted.
The fallout from Greenlee and Kendall has touched many lives in Pine Valley.
It strengthened the bond between Jack and Greenlee, caused tension between Jack and Erica and led Erica to seek Adam’s help, of all people.
It solidified a brotherly relationship between Josh and Zach, proved how far Zach would go to protect his family and even had Zach working with J.R., of all people.
Speaking of J.R., he’s smack dab in the mix again, now that Richie stole his car, slammed into Zach and then left Kendall’s husband for dead. The problem? Relapsed alcoholic J.R. was on a bender and can’t remember where he was when Zach was hit. For all he knows, he could have done it.
And those are only some of the lives and relationships that have been swept up in the Greenlee and Kendall wave.
But my favorite part? What I believe to be the piece de resistance? The fact that Greenlee, while on the lam after being set up by Kendall, is the one to find an injured Zach. Now they’re trapped together, with only each other to count on.
It’s wonderfully rich, really. Greenlee stuck with the man she loathes above all others, and Zach stuck with the woman he blames for his wife’s unhappiness and his children’s misfortunes.
That’s one tete a tete I’m looking forward to.
Congratulations, AMC, you’ve got me hooked again.

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One thought on “AMC’s Greenlee, Kendall saga on target

  1. Kimi
    November 27, 2007 at 11:27 am

    ITA!!! this storyline is a winner all around that could have long lasting repercussions depending on how it plays out.
    and I am loving Aidan/Greens & am so happy Aidan finally got a viable love interest. It’s been a long time coming for Mr. Devane.
    I am also happy that Jack is defending his daughter to Erica instead of turning into silly putty & going along with whatever she says. Erica forgets that Kendall is no innocent & has done some crazy things in the name of love & family.