I have a bit of a problem, and I’m starting to think I may need some intervention from my fellow All My Children viewers.
OK, here it goes.
I like Greenlee with Ryan.
There. I said it.
Of course, this isn’t exactly new. I liked them before and actually rooted for Ryan to choose Greenlee over Kendall. (I was never a big Ryan/Kendall fan in the first place.)
But then Ryan pulled all of his “I’m dead (but not really)” garbage, basically disrespecting wife Greenlee and their many years of friendship. She really deserved better. I practically applauded Greenlee when she left town in a huff.
When AMC recast the role with Sabine Singh, it was easy for me to want a continued separation between Ryan and Greenlee because …
a) The story line at the time made Greenlee whiny and pathetic.
b) Sabine didn’t have great chemistry with Cameron Mathison (Ryan).
c) She had a scorching connection with Aiden Turner (Aidan).
It wasn’t long before I was a full on Ailee fan.
But then TPTB brought Rebecca Budig back as Greenlee. And now I’m left with a strange dilemma.
My heart really wants to still adore Greenlee and Aidan. Really. I mean, despite his many great attributes, true love has somehow evaded the hunky Brit. He is way past due, and I sincerely believed he found it with Sabine’s Greenlee.
But with Rebecca’s Greenlee? I’m just not feelin’ it.
Not that they aren’t somewhat cute together; I just don’t buy the same profound connection as I did before.
On the flip side, I am feeling it between Ryan and Greenlee. Cameron and Rebecca just mesh in a way that I believe their characters’ emotions are deep and genuine.
Is there a 12-step program for these kinds of things?

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3 thoughts on “AMC’s Ryan and Greenlee pulling me back in

  1. Tia
    April 14, 2008 at 10:37 am

    I’m not a huge fan of Greenlee and Ryan – especially now that Ryan is with Annie and they have a daughter together. I just don’t like how Greenlee has a way of destroying other people’s relationships – and don’t get me started on her flirtations with Zach. They need to friends – that’s it. In the end, Aiden would be left alone AGAIN and he really deserves better than being a side player in everyone else’s affairs.

  2. Kara
    April 14, 2008 at 11:34 pm

    Hi, Tia. I agree with you about the Aidan aspect. He definitely deserves better than what he’s getting from this Greenlee. I just doubt that she’ll ever be totally about Aidan now, especially if AMC keeps having her bat her eyelashes at Ryan and Zach. I think they really messed with Aidan/Greenlee when they brought Rebecca Budig back (not that I have anything against the actress, of ocurse). Maybe they should hire Sabine Singh as another character and pair her with Aiden. Hey, I’m sure stranger things have happened in soap land, right? LOL. Thanks for posting.

  3. Kimi
    April 16, 2008 at 9:18 pm

    You know I’d be for them rehiring Sabine in another role just to give Aidan his leading lady back, they were great together. Why can’t Greens have a long lost cousin or something lol.
    I liked Kendall/Ryan before Greens. I probably could’ve accepted Ryan/Greens if it wasn’t done so messed up imho. Ryan really treated Kendall like dirt & it seemed unnecessarily harsh, his character was just an overall jerk at that time (as we saw from Zach’s video footage lol). Anyway, when I finally started to accept Ryan/Greens, Rebecca Budig left.
    Altho I have to say they’re kinda boring most times, there’s something endearing about Ryan/Annie. Richie’s presence helped even tho.
    I don’t think Zach is gonna go for Greenlee’s mess especially since he knows the truth. I’m glad he found out from Kendall.