I can tell that the chemistry between Ricky Paull Goldin and Beth Ehlers is no fluke, even with the few scenes they’ve had as All My Children‘s Jake and Taylor.
They were a huge hit as Gus and Harley on Guiding Light, and I think they can re-create the magic on AMC.
If it’s handled right.
Of course, I believe that Ricky Paull has a natural ease with everyone he works with. Plus he has the benefit of playing a character who already has huge ties — familial, friendly and romantically — to Pine Valley. I mean, he’s a member of one of the core families for goodness sake.
So it wasn’t really him that had to pass the test for me.
Beth is the one with the hard sell. She’s helping to create a brand-new character, and soap fans aren’t always the most patient or welcoming, even with star-caliber actresses.
Luckily for Beth — and the character of Taylor — AMC is not just bringing her on “for Jake.” Yeah, it’s obvious they want to pair them, but the show is weaving a broader identity for Taylor, complete with a military-forged friendship between her and Frankie.
And lookie here. Frankie happens to be Jake’s friend, as well.
See the umbrella unfolding?
If AMC can keep creating Taylor as an individual first, then they will have a much easier time creating a pairing between her and Jake.
Not that Beth necessarily needs the help, but a little depth to Taylor’s story surely can’t hurt.

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