You know, after watching All My Children this week, I realized something. Zach Slater is a grade-A jerk.
Actually, it wasn’t exactly a revelation for me so much as an affirmation. From his first days on screen, back when he was running the casino where Erica was hiding out, he struck me as arrogant, manipulative and cowardly.
Those characteristics still ring true.
I’m not saying he doesn’t have his good points, although, frankly, I have to work real hard to think of them. I love his scenes with Myrtle. She has a way of softening him and making him face his faults. I also adore his moments with little Ian. When he’s holding his infant son, Zach actually becomes vulnerable and human to me.
But those are rare glimpses.
It’s a shame, really, because Zach’s portrayer, Thorsten Kaye, may just possibly be the most beautiful man I’ve ever seen in person. Add the accent, the voice, and it’s all good.
The character, however, has a way of making me steam … and not in a good way.
Zach spends most of his time bullying, lying, denying and spying — all in the name of those he purports to love.
Yeah, right.
He does these things because somehow he has come to believe he has a right to make decisions for other people, to choose what he thinks is best. It’s the height of selfishness, really.
He did it with his brother, cowardly faking his death and assuming another identity, leaving his sibling behind to grieve. Why? Because Zach didn’t want to be a filthy-rich Cambias. Boo hoo.
He did it with Ethan, denying him as his son for Ethan’s “own good.”
He did it with Greenlee, when he helped Ryan stay “dead.”
He did it with Kendall when he caused a blackout that ruined Greenlee’s frozen embryos, all so Kendall couldn’t be a surrogate for Greenlee and Ryan’s kid (That worked out real well, eh, Zach?).
I’m sure there’s more, but my fingertips are getting tired.
Besides, what really started me on this rant is Zach’s latest deed in the name of love. He is trying to get Greenlee out of their lives by making her believe that her embryos weren’t lost after all. And he’s roped JR and now Josh into the cruel plan.
Yep, Zach’s a real stand-up guy.
I get that he blames Greenlee for Spike’s deafness and Ian’s premature birth. But you know what? Those were the results of one bad choice by a distraught Greenlee, a choice that resulted in a series of accidents. What Zach is doing is deliberate and beyond heartless.
But that’s how it always is with him.
I don’t know how he can claim to even know what love is.

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3 thoughts on “AMC’s Zach takes it too far

  1. Kimi
    October 18, 2007 at 1:12 pm

    You know I’ve always had this weird vibe about Zach, I like him but don’t like him for all the reasons mentioned above.
    The Zach character reminds me so much of the OLTL/Todd Manning character & Sonny Corinthos/Jason Morgan characters on GH. They all basically do whatever they want, usually in the name of love & family. There are never ANY direct reprecussions to those characters for their actions, someone else always gets hurt in order for them to get their way & those that do get hurt just have to live with it (Sam on GH found that one out the hard way, altho she’s not totally blameless in that breakup.)
    I never got why Zach could not claim Ethan, made zero sense, but tried not to blame the character cuz Thorsten was only executing the (bad) writing.
    As much as I enjoy all these characters & the actors who portray them, the fact that they never seem to pay for the things they do irks me & makes me dislike them. I know its fiction, but everybody loses sometimes.
    But I digress, do we have to wonder why Kendall loves Zach regardless of his actions – he is the male version of her, the only difference is, Kendall ALWAYS got caught doing her dirt & usually paid for her actions.

  2. cece
    October 30, 2007 at 3:14 pm

    I **love** Zach. I know that some of the things he does are dastardly, but he has tunnel-vision when it comes to Kendall. He only wants Kendall and the kids to be happy. Because of this, he makes poor choices. I agree that making Greens think that she still has embryos is awful, but she KIDNAPPED Kendall’s son. She wasn’t destraught, she was just plain selfish. She took the baby because she was mad that Kendall and Ryan had moved on without her with the son the she **left behind**. So, excuse me if I have no sympathy for her. She left the child that she wanted most in the world because she felt betrayed, when in fact, her best friend gave up her body and her child for her. Greenlee is the ultimate selfish person and she needs to be smacked around a bit.

  3. Kara
    October 30, 2007 at 10:10 pm

    Hey, Cece. You’re not alone in your Zach love; there are plenty of people who share your sentiments. I just don’t find him particularly lovable. LOL. But that’s one of the things I adore about soaps; there’s a character for everyone. So I guess you and I will just agree to disagree on this one 🙂 Thanks so much for sharing your thoughts! I love hearing from all points of view and hope you come back for future topics.