So David Hayward is heading back to All My Children.
And not a day too soon, if you ask me.
When the show let go of Vincent Irizarry as the dastardly doctor, it was another one of those “huh?” moments, on par with Dixie’s death and Erica’s un-abortion.
David was a great example of someone who could do despicable things, yet managed to find your sympathy just when you thought all hope was lost for the character.
He was a wonderful foil for Tad and Adam. A smart, charismatic troublemaker who could show remarkable tenderness and loyalty for those he loved.
Actually, I always appreciated David and Dixie (Cady McClain) together. I know, that’s sacrilege for all the Tad/Dixie lovers out there (and I do love the Martin/Cooney union myself), but there was always an interesting dynamic between the devious doc and his “steel magnolia” patient.
Dixie brought out David’s softer side. You could actually see him trying to be a better person with her, trying to be worthy of her goodness.
On the flip side, Dixie had a lot of spunk when she was with David. I think he challenged her in a way that Tad never could.
Too bad she’s dead.
Hmmmm ….
Then again, didn’t David have a hand in Maria’s “death”? Perhaps he’s got Dixie stashed away somewhere, taking care of her while everyone else thinks she’s slipped this earthly realm.
Hey, it could happen. It’s a soap, right?
In any case, it will be nice to have David back on AMC, although something tells me many of Pine Valley’s residents won’t feel the same.
Let the David drama begin.

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