I hate to put a damper on Cady McClain‘s return to All My Children, but why in blazes does AMC insist on making her more goofy than ghostly?
I mean, seriously. Er, or not.
I guess it makes sense that Dixie would get a kick out of haunting Adam, of all people. And, really, I could watch David Canary play any story line. (Heck, he even makes Krystal tolerable for me, and that’s saying a lot.)
But as I’m watching Dixie making cuckoo faces and laughing shrilly, I have to wonder: Would we, as viewers, still have wanted a Dixie return if we knew it was going to look like this?

Something tells me no.
I want to be thrilled to see Cady back on my screen. I do. Most of the time I am. I just wish they’d get to the part that really matters: Kate.
The one saving grace (apropos, no?) to this is that Tad (Michael E. Knight) will finally learn that Julia’s ward, Kathy, is really his and Dixie’s long-lost daughter. And Dixie will be instrumental in the reunion.
With Mother’s Day just around the corner, it seems more than fitting.
So although I’m cringing a bit at Dixie’s over-the-top haunting of Adam, I know that in the end AMC will have righted at least one wrong.
Kate will finally be where she belongs.

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4 thoughts on “Dixie’s haunting of AMC’s Adam laughable

  1. adelinetoro
    May 18, 2008 at 1:31 am

    Bringing Dixie back would be a great improvement for the show, and It needs improvement. But Dixie as a ghost is just plain dumb. You need more real drama in the story lines, thats why All My Children does not win Emmys. It is the writers fault. Too much sillyness. The story line is weak. Zach is great, but Kendalls story is silly. Back and forth, and some of these characters are all wrong for the roll they play. You writers need to write better story lines.

  2. Kimi
    May 23, 2008 at 10:36 am

    I’m actually enjoying Dixie as a ghost. But agree David Canary probably has a lot to do with that & the show is using history/flashbacks well to drive the story.
    I still wish Dixie were back onscreen alive, not as a ghost. The wrong AMC created isn’t completely corrected for me. I wasn’t crazy about Dixie’s return last year & hated her death by pancakes. But like with Jesse Hubbard at this point I don’t care what kinda ridiculous storyline they came up with, I want Dixie back, alive & interacting with her family I still feel cheated.
    and yes, at least Tad will finally get his Kate back. that’s the only right thing in this whole scenario.
    I also have to agree that David Canary also made Krystal “tolerable” for me too! 🙂 Her friendship with Angie Hubbard helped as well.

  3. Kara
    May 24, 2008 at 10:28 pm

    Hi, Kimi and Adeline.
    I must admit, ghost Dixie has grown on me a bit since I posted my blog about it. It’s fun watching Adam’s reactions, and I was really touched when Dixie “helped” Tad with his cufflinks the other day.
    I just wish these ghost stories didn’t happen so much. Most of them come about to try and “appease” viewers, and it can be kind of insulting.
    But who knows? Maybe someday they’ll have an alive Dixie back, a la Jesse. For now I’ll just bask in the greatness that is David Canary!
    Thanks to you both for posting.

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