Is it just me, or is this whole Erica’s on trial/goes to prison thing on All My Children a big yawner?
Maybe it’s just the fact that it’s juxtaposed with the excitement surrounding Jesse, Angie and Tad. Maybe it’s because I feel like I’ve seen this story before with Erica (Susan Lucci). Or may be it’s just the hideousness of her new hairdo.
In any case, I find myself faithfully fast-forwarding through all things La Kane.
And that’s just not right.
I mean, it’s gotta be soap sacrilege to find Erica boring, right?
But, as my 6-year-old son would say, “I just can’t help it.”
I don’t care what laws Erica supposedly broke (the explanations have been positively boring). I don’t care whether she goes to prison or not (been there, done that). And I certainly don’t care about her budding relationship with Samuel Woods (Jack and Erica forever!).
Hopefully, things will pick up now that she’s on the lam.
But really, AMC.
This is the best you can come up with for an icon like Erica Kane?

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One thought on “Erica Kane shouldn’t be so boring

  1. Kimi
    March 27, 2008 at 9:19 am

    I don’t love or hate this story, it’s just filler. And sorry but I’ve been bored w/Erica for awhile now probably ever since she slept w/Jeff Martin for no real reason.
    Unfortunately they’ve ripped Erica & Jackson apart so much I could care less if they ever reunite at this point. I kinda don’t want them to cuz it’s been painful watching Erica completely emasculate Jackson over the years, he’s a shadow of his former self.
    The only reason I wanted to see her get w/Samuel Woods is to see if Jackson would somehow finally “man up” & move on, albeit temporarily (cuz we know he’ll never ever get over Erica). That tryst w/Barbara was a waste of airtime it obviously was going nowhere fast & she’s nothing for Erica to get jealous over.
    I find Carmen Morales a little interesting, about the only interesting part of this fugitive storyline.
    What I’m not gonna appreciate is them building this whole storyline up for her to “do the right thing” by turning herself in, only to have the court say she’s been thru enough with this fugitive crap & let her go with time served.
    But do I watch AMC for this storyline? Absolutely not.