I’m going to go ahead and say it.
I feel sorry for All My Children‘s Greenlee.
I know she can be selfish and whiny and snarky, but there’s just something about the character that gets to me, although that wasn’t always the case.
When Greenlee first came to Pine Valley all those years ago, I wasn’t a huge fan. Even portrayed by the talented and cute-as-a-button Rebecca Budig, the character wasn’t an immediate draw for me. It probably had to do with the fact that she became a spoiler for my beloved Ryan and Gillian (insert moment of silence for this wonderful couple).
But, eventually, Greenlee won Leo’s heart — and mine. I came to appreciate her attitude, which masked some major vulnerabilities and insecurities. I rejoiced when she turned out to be Jackson’s daughter, I mourned when she lost Leo, I cried when she miscarried and I felt her anger when Ryan faked his death.
I even sided with her in the surrogacy story. I know Kendall was trying to help, but I don’t blame Greenlee for being upset that her best friend pulled a switcheroo on her, never bothering to reveal that she had her egg fertilized by Ryan’s sperm. It’s not like Ryan was just some friend of Kendall’s. This was a man she deeply loved, a man she effectively lost to Greenlee. And Greenlee was just supposed to say, “Whoops. Accidents happen,” and then join hands with Kendall and Ryan and sing Kum Ba Ya?
Um, no, this is Greenlee we’re talking about, after all.
Greenlee had a lot dumped on her, by people she trusted above all others. It’s no wonder she left town.
When she came back, this time portrayed by Sabine Singh, I immediately rooted for her, mostly because Ryan has turned into a sanctimonious jerk, Zach has yet to pay for any of his crimes and Kendall is, well, Kendall.
Greenlee has made some mistakes, to be sure, but none of her detractors have room to talk. (Are you listening, Erica?) Greenlee is a woman who sometimes acts out like a little girl. She’s obviously lonely and grasping for the life she thought she would have by now, the life that Ryan spit on and Kendall mistakenly let her dream about.
I think it’s way past time she cut ties with those two and began looking to the future, not the past. And Aidan seems like a good way to start.

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2 thoughts on “Greenlee just needs a hug

  1. Kimi
    October 2, 2007 at 8:58 am

    I echo your entire sentiment about Greenlee. Not sure yet about Sabine tho, I absolutely loved Rebecca Budig & she is a very hard act to follow.
    Not sure if its the storyline itself or Sabine as Greens I’m not feeling. But am happy that Aidan will finally get a love interest & do think these 2 could easily become a supercouple if AMC writers do their job.
    Also can’t wait to see how Ryan reacts to their relationship, not that he’d have room to comment but lately, I enjoy watching him suffer lol. sorry.

  2. Kara
    October 2, 2007 at 12:33 pm

    Hey, Kimi. I know what you mean about Ryan. I adored him and Gillian, but he’s really lost his appeal for me since then. Although I still think Cameron’s a doll. As for Greenlee, it’s got to be super tough for Sabine to come in after Rebecca, but I think she’s doing alright. She and Aidan are cute together, so maybe this will be the storyline she needs to make the role her own.