I think I may need to pinch myself.
I just read that Greg Nelson is heading back to All My Children.
Yep, that’s right. One of the main reasons I started watching AMC (way back in the day) is returning to Pine Valley on May 20. And, yes, he will be played by none other than Laurence Lau.
First Angie and Jesse, and now this?
I can’t believe I’m this excited about AMC again.
Granted, Greg will only be around for a few episodes (and, of course, he won’t be with his better half, dearly departed Jenny), but hey … I’ll take what I can get.
What a great coup for the show … and a smart move at that. Greg was part of that core group of young characters who helped put AMC in top form during the 1980s.
I really love when shows actually remember their history and invest in their legacy characters.
Now the only thing that could make Greg’s return better would be the re-emergence of another sorely missed character.
Come on, AMC. Bring Ms. Colby back, too, and really let the sparks fly.

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2 thoughts on “Greg Nelson returning to All My Children

  1. Kimi
    April 16, 2008 at 8:46 pm

    Jesse, Angie, Tad, Greg & Jenny were the reasons I used to cut school to watch All My Children back then!
    I was wondering if they’d bring Greg back, or at least have a faux telephone call but this will be even better! and it is SO APPROPRIATE! Tad & Jesse are great & their friendship is exuding off the screen, but Jesse & Greg were really tight so this return makes tons of sense!
    Kudos to AMC for starting to get things right by going back to the basics!
    Maybe if it all works out, they can find a place for Greg on the canvas, even if its just every now & then like they do with Alfred Vanderpool.
    I’ve said all along that Jensen Buchanan would be a fantastic Liza recast if they could get her (and if Marcy Walker really won’t return). Remember when Larry Lau was on Another World – wasn’t Jensen playing Vicky/Marly then (did you watch AW?). I “think” they were paired as Vicky/Jamie and at one point Jamie was with Marly as well. the chemistry is there & possiblities seem endless.
    I may have to call in sick to work on May 20 just to bring back that old feeling LOL!

  2. Joan
    June 2, 2008 at 10:36 pm

    Yeah – Greg was my heart throb back in the 80’s wow – cant’ believe Geg is back- smart move producers! Now this show will really rock.