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LOVED Adam calling Annie out on her games yesterday!

I must admit to being a big Annie (Melissa Claire Egan) fan ever since she turned to the dark side.  Sweet Annie bored me to tears, and had she died some untimely soap opera death I wouldn’t have been mad. 

But now I can’t imagine AMC without her.

Annie’s good at manipulative games and can play Scott, Jesse, Ryan, Erica and Zach easily.  But she wasn’t nearly ready for the master! 

So glad to see the REAL Adam Chandler (David Canary) back on my screen instead of the caricature we’ve witnessed since Stuart’s death. Although I hope Annie’s not done yet because she is entirely too much fun to watch.

And how great was JR?

Watching him man up to his father was classic. 

The old JR would’ve quickly stepped in to fill the void, yet while his love for Adam is obvious, he’s finally learned some lessons and is putting himself and his family first.  Dixie would be proud!  I’m not crazy about JR/Marissa but she’s obviously doing something right.

I enjoyed Kendall’s daydream too, reminded me of why I liked Zendall in the first place. I’ll miss them when Thorsten Kaye leaves.

Although I’m glad Aiden Turner is getting screen time, I don’t like twisted Aidan Devane.  But for me, this story is believable because when Aidan/Kendall first hooked up (long before Zach or Greens were competition) I liked them together and wondered why TPTB didn’t write for them.

Aidan has consistently loved and lost so his anger isn’t a stretch. But Kendall was sooo hypocritical while consoling Aidan because it’s her fault Greenlee dumped him. Not to mention when Kendall had the audacity to say Aidan went “just a little too far” in his pursuit of Greenlee. Pot, meet kettle.

But it is karmic justice that after Kendall has gone psycho on men in her life for not loving her, Aidan is now returning that favor.

And I don’t get Kat yet. Is she doing all this hoping to eventually hook up with Aidan?  But it’s interesting that Kendall is SO predictable when it comes to her jealous streaks that Kat knows exactly which buttons to push.  Speaks volumes about Kendall.

And I had to give it to Erica, she got to let Adam have it too and was right on point. I have always enjoyed their friendship and it made sense that Adam would go straight to La Kane for comfort.

Annie (Melissa Claire Egan) and Scott (Adam Mayfield) Credit: ABC/Steve Fenn

Annie (Melissa Claire Egan) and Scott (Adam Mayfield) Credit: ABC/Steve Fenn

Scott is dead wrong for flirting with/kissing Annie, but I felt for him today. He’s been trying to latch onto someone since his father’s death and could lose the only family he has thanks to her.

I got the same impression from Randi recently (worried about losing her family) since she just wants Madison gone so her family can move on. These two have a lot in common … things that make ya go hmmm …

Finally, I wish Annie didn’t lose that baby. 

Not just because I like Annie, but because I love Adam. 

After the whole Krystal/Jenny debacle, I’d like to have seen him get another chance with a child that really is his, and an Annie/Adam offspring could be future soap opera magic/drama. 

[Editor’s note: Several sources are reporting that embattled AMC headwriter Charles Pratt is gone. Wonder what this means for current and future storylines? – Michele]

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