I think now would be a great time to bring Liza Colby back to All My Children.
We’ve gotten the return of Debbi Morgan and Darnell Williams as Angie and Jesse. What a hoot it would be to if AMC rounded out their 1980s renaissance by rehiring Marcy Walker.
I was overjoyed with the scenes between Debbi and Michael E. Knight as Tad. Those two connected like old friends; the high-comfort level was palpable.
I’m now excited to see how Tad reacts to seeing Jesse. That first face-to-face meeting should pack an intense punch.
These characters have such a rich history. AMC could really add to that depth by bringing Liza back on the canvas.
Granted, Liza isn’t quite the same person she was when they were all teens. (But, really, who is?) She’s not quite as snotty or spoiled. But she could still scheme with the best of ’em if she put her mind to it.
I actually think it would be interesting if Colby and Frankie became a couple. Much more interesting than her growing attachment to Dre (even if he is particularly dreamy).
Can you imagine the drama from Frankie, the son of Jesse, the guy Liza once falsely and maliciously accused of rape, had a real love connection with Colby, the surprisingly sweet, generally level-headed daughter of Liza and her one-time hubby Adam Chandler?
I like the possibilities.
But we really need Liza back to get the full effect.
So what do you say, AMC?
Not only would Liza bring more resonance to the Angie/Jesse comeback, but her return would also be a great excuse to save Tad from Krystal’s orbit.
Hey, a blogger can dream, no?

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One thought on “Liza would make AMC more complete

  1. Kimi
    January 31, 2008 at 10:00 am

    DREAM ON KARA!!!! This poster has been having similar dreams!
    Thanks to Angie & Jesse’s return, I’ve also returned to soap message boards a little more often than before & many have said they would also like to see Liza return.
    I keep reading Marcy Walker will probably not return because she is a youth minster in NC & very happy. And to be quite honest, after the way her character was treated during MW’s last AMC run (I still can’t erase Krystal beating Liza up for some ridiculous reason) I can’t say I blame her for never wanting to return.
    But on a thread where peeps discussed who could be a good recast a great possibility came up I thought – Jensen Buchanan (Vicky/Marly AW; Sarah Buchanan OLTL; forgettable character on GH LOL). I think she’d be perfect, she’s got the look & acting chops & I can totally see her with Tad OR Adam if they decided to go that route. & we know she can play the bad girl.
    Too bad they can’t hook up Frankie/Colby, at least not anytime soon. That would be illegal! 🙂 but oh the storyline potential there …