I’m a Greenlee fan. I freely admit it.
I think the All My Children character (played by Rebecca Budig) is cute, fun, sassy and smart. She’s a great gal to have on your side. She fights for the ones she loves … and isn’t afraid to go toe-to-toe with the ones she doesn’t.
I’ve stuck with her through many heartaches, even the ones she brought upon herself.
But lately? She’s been getting on my nerves.
It’s not that I blame her for being upset about Aidan and Kendall sleeping together. I think it would be a blow to anyone to learn her best friend and her boyfriend did the horizontal mambo, even if they did think she was dead.
I expect Greenlee to be mad. Really, I do. And I expect her to take time to get over it.
But I think her treatment of Kendall, in particular, has been hypocritical and juvenile.
Kendall, as many viewers recall, forgave Greenlee for running off with Spike (albeit momentarily), getting into an accident (although it was an accident) and injuring Spike (even though it turned out his hearing loss had nothing to do with the car wreck).
As a Greenlee fan, I cut her some slack through all that because I knew how much junk had been thrown her way through the years by Ryan, Kendall and Zach. I may not have liked or approved of her actions, but I understood the pain, loss and disappointment that drove Greenlee to her breaking point.
But this? Vowing to never forgive Aidan? Working to ruin Kendall’s life? Trying to seduce Zach as payback? Threatening to dismantle Fusion (see below)?

I don’t know. It’s just too childish, even for Greenlee. She’s acting more like Erica Kane’s daughter than Kendall is.
It’s not like Aidan faked his death or ruined her chance to have a child. No, that was Ryan and Zach … and Greenlee eventually forgave them.
It’s not like Kendall pulled a switcheroo and used her egg to create a baby with Greenlee’s husband’s sperm. Well, OK, she did do that, but that was before …. and Greenlee eventually forgave her.
If Greenlee can forgive these significant grievances, then why can’t she at least try to forgive this one (which really seems minor in the scope of Greenlee and Kendall’s history)?
And even if she can’t forgive, why does she have to make WWIII out of it?
It seems to me that if Zach is able to embrace his wife in spite of her indiscretion, then Greenlee should at least give Aidan a shot at redemption, especially considering the circumstances of the “betrayal.”
It’s called being an adult, and I think it’s high time Greenlee tried it.

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3 thoughts on “Oh, AMC’s Greenlee. Grow up!

  1. SallyV
    June 3, 2008 at 8:48 am

    Obviously the reason Zach can forgive Kendall is because he truely loves her. Greens, on the other hand, didn’t really love Aiden, so why bother forgiving him? She’s enjoying torturing Kendall much more that she would enjoy forgiving Aiden.

  2. Kara
    June 3, 2008 at 11:33 am

    Hi, Sally.
    You make an excellent point. I started to bring up that maybe Greenlee doesn’t love Aidan as much as she thinks she does (or should), but then the blog would have ended up being twice as long. LOL.
    The problem for me is that I *really* felt like Sabine’s Greenlee had found a soulmate in Aidan. But Rebecca’s Greenlee? Not so much.
    There’s no doubt Kendall and Zach have a very mature, loving and respectful relationship (at least by soap standards). Although Zach seems a little too zen for me lately. It’s almost like he’s on some sort of mellow meds. I’d like to see his fire again.
    In any case, it’s clear Greenlee just wants to throw a fit. And while I can usually enjoy her antics, this one seems super ridiculous.
    Thanks for posting.

  3. Kimberly Allen
    June 3, 2008 at 12:30 pm

    SallyV does make an excellent point.
    I too am a Greenlee fan. Haven’t always liked things she’s done, but hate how she’s acting lately.
    Sabine Singh matured this character during her short stint. I don’t know if it’s the writing, Rebcca Budig’s execution or both, but RB has successfully reverted the character back to her old selfish, immature self in less than 6 months. I just wish Erica were outta jail so she could put Greens in her place real quick.
    It is hypocritical after Greens was screeching for forgiveness this time last year, now she can’t find it in her heart to give some.
    Never been a big Zach/Kendall fan, but how they have matured & grown as a couple based on these events made me one. Didn’t like Zach giving Greens all the credit for being the man he is today tho.
    Zach sticking w/Kendall & loving her regardless is what’s really pissing Greenlee off. Kendall’s got the unconditional love that Greenlee’s been searching for since Leo.
    I do agree the chemistry isn’t the same between Aidan & RB’s Greenlee, but also think the writing has changed for these characters since RB returned cuz they wanna hook her back up w/Ryan. There are times when Aidan/RB’s Greenlee do work, but most times it’s obvious the writers have future Ryan/Greenlee plans.
    I just hope Aidan can get a love interest after this & doesn’t end up on the backburner again. I also hope Aidan doesn’t spend too much time pining for a woman who can kick him to the curb so easily. Aiden Turner as an actor deserves better.