I usually like to give recasts several months before I judge their performances, but I’ve decided to break my rule a bit and assess All My Children‘s newest Babe.
Actually, it’s more of an assessment of the character, rather than the actress.
The role’s originator, Alexa Havins, left a little while ago, on the heels of her husband, Justin Bruening, who vacated the character of Jamie. (If ever two people were destined to have beautiful children, it’s Alexa and Justin. Just thought I’d throw that in there.)
Amanda Baker, the murderous nurse Jolene on General Hospital: Night Shift, is the new Babe. When I first heard she would be taking on the role, I thought it sounded like a good choice. She was by far the best actress of the twitlets. (That’s the name my husband gave the three pink-swathed ladies, Jolene, Leyla and Regina. Thanks, hon!) And she has the Babe “look.”
My familiarity with Baker helped ease the transition for me. Plus, she’s not jarringly different from Havins.
But as I’ve been watching, I realized something: I really could do without Babe in Pine Valley.
And it seems like the powers that be feel that way, too.
I’m not saying the show had to get rid of her for good, but a break would have been welcome, especially considering the type of storylines she’s involved in. Lately, Babe has been relegated to playing backup to her mother, Krystal, and her friend/co-worker, Annie. Oh, wait, there was that grand romance in which she foolishly fell for the “charms” of Wes/Richie. (What’s the deal with him anyway?) All the while her former flames are either gone or moving on.
Where’s the investment in Babe’s character? Maybe the show is letting her stew for awhile so that Baker can get used to the role — and the audience can get used to Baker.
Whatever the case, Babe has become boring. And that’s something the character’s never been. In fact, it’s decidedly anti-Babe.
I may not have always cared for the character — and sometimes resented the Carey women’s monopolization of the show — but AMC should at least give the girl a story. It would go a long way toward validating why the show decided on an immediate recast.

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One thought on “Was AMC’s Babe recast necessary?

  1. Kimi
    November 6, 2007 at 11:22 am

    For the most part I have to agree. I’ve had a like/hate relationship w/Babe but under Alexa Havins & the previous writing, you had no choice but to watch her. Lately I FF thru Amanda Baker’s version.
    I think they could’ve done better on the recast. I would’ve liked to see the chick who played Allison on Port Charles in this role, she has the look as well, I think she would’ve been a better fit. NuBabe just doesn’t seem like the type a man would go all out for like Josh, JR & Jamie all have in the past.
    Altho unique I didn’t like how they introduced Amanda as Babe. It was a jarring to see Alexa’s Babe in one scene, then NuBabe in the very next scene. I rewinded that like 10x lol.
    Also, she just don’t look good w/JR, I was one that kinda hoped JR/Babe could work things out at some point but definitely don’t see it happening w/NuBabe.
    At this point if Babe disappeared, the only one who’d miss her would be Krystal & Lil Adam I guess.
    I do wish Amanda well tho, seems like she’s doing the best she can & following Alexa can’t be easy.