The latest scuttlebutt about All My Children in that Beth Ehlers will be joining the cast.
This is major news for three major reasons:
No. 1: Beth is the mucho-beloved actress who created the role of Harley Cooper on Guiding Light.
No. 2: On the above-mentioned Guiding Light, her character was paired with Gus Aitoro, played by Ricky Paull Goldin … whom AMC viewers now know as Jake Martin.
No. 3: Although uber popular, Gus and Harley broke up on GL, inexplicably drifted farther and farther apart and then he died, leaving fans of the couple bitter and broken-hearted.
Hmmmmm … do ya think the AMC higher-ups might just capitalize on that?
Well, if they’re smart, they will.
And I like to think that the upper echelons of soaps still have a little intelligence floating around.
Anyhow, early rumors had her coming on as Liza Colby, which I found particularly interesting considering I’ve been championing the return of that character for months and months and months. Of course, that was back when it looked like the show might be pairing Colby and Frankie. But since they recast Colby … and she barely has any screentime anymore … and they brought on a new love interest for Frankie in the form of the stunning Randi. Well, I just don’t see as much of a fit for Liza as I did before.
Apparently I’m not the only one. Now rumors say Beth will not be playing Liza. However, there has been no official word either way.
In any case, it’ll be interesting to see how the Ricky and Beth redux plays out. And it’ll be nice to have them both on the Pine Valley scene.

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6 thoughts on “What’s AMC’s plan for Beth Ehlers?

  1. Elias Eliadis
    June 17, 2008 at 5:53 am

    Hi, Michelle!
    I’m Jan Ferlisi’s son, Elias Eliadis and I’ve just come to your site for the first time and found it most enjoyable! I’ve been in show biz all my life and am always interested in what “civilians” think of our work. I only watch AMC and OLTL-two is enuf! An old friend of mine from college, Walt Willey is, of course on AMC although we have’nt spoken in awhile now. I do think that OLTL has been consistently the better of the two for some time. AMC just seems to be going through the motions while OLTL sizzles. Bringing back old characters won’t be enough to save the show (if it is indeed in trouble) unless the writers grasp the fact that Angie and Jessie, for example are no longer kids. My main point would be that I have been hoping for a long time that Liza will return to Pine Valley-but WITH Marcy Walker in the role. She was the Original Beotch back in the early 80s when they were all in high school and so dreadful to Jenny. Another actress as the character wouldn’t interest me as much, so I do hope that if Marcy is available she will be asked to return.
    Best of luck!

  2. Michele
    June 17, 2008 at 11:50 am

    Welcome Elias!
    Your mom, Jan, is the greatest! I really enjoy our lunchtimes together.
    I have to say, Angie and Jesse’s wedding and the ensuing chaos (Julia’s death and Tad’s shooting) brought me back to AMC for those few weeks. I loved those scenes with Michael E. Knight and David Canary in the hospital.
    And there are so many good actors who I like on that show…but the writing has been spotty and the vets have been underused until recently.
    ITA about Marcy Walker returning as Liza — I would love that, and I think Kara has written something about that awhile ago.
    Come back again,

  3. Kimi
    June 17, 2008 at 5:23 pm

    I’m thinking Beth Ehlers will play Carolyn, Jake’s wife who they have referred to a lot lately.
    Based on looks, BE may have worked out as Liza but as you said they took the Colby character in an entirely different direction (I don’t think they even know which direction that is yet). If Colby’s doing nothing, no need for Liza no matter who’s playing her.
    Altho I guess Liza could always be involved w/Adam & a catalyst to the inevitable Krystal/Adam reunion.
    But I felt soooo bad for Marcy Walker during her last run, they treated her with no respect onscreen and I hated watching Krystal get the better of Liza time & time again. That I don’t want to see.
    I’d also like to see them bring Greg Nelson back & maybe he get involved w/Liza. Greg was “the one that got away” for Liza. Can you imagine them on a double date w/Jesse & Angie? HILARIOUS!
    I’m interested to see where Beth Ehlers will fit in tho. There are already too many AMC characters with no story. JMHO, BE may be a great actress but is she really necessary? Do you think that many GL fans will come to AMC cuz of BE & RPG?

  4. Kara
    June 17, 2008 at 11:06 pm

    Hi, Kimi.
    Frankly, I can’t really recall an instance where two soap actors in a popular pairing were able to recreate their magic with new characters in a totally new pairing. Stephen Nichols and Mary Beth Evans (Days’ Patch/Kayla then GH’s Stephan/Katherine) come to mind. And there was Lane Davies and Nancy Lee Grahn (Santa Barbara’s Mason/Julia then GH’s Cameron/Alexis). But I guess there’s a first time for everything. It will depend on the type of story they give Beth’s character, and Ricky’s for that matter.
    ITA with your assessment of Liza’s last go ’round in Pine Valley. Of course, you and I seem to be in agreement about Krystal in general. LOL. I didn’t appreciate how both Liza and Brooke seemed to become an afterthought once the Carey women took over AMC. Not that I’m bitter or anything. 😉
    And whether GL fans will flock to AMC? Probably not. But I would expect some of them to at least check it out.
    Oh, yeah. And your idea for a Greg/Liza pairing? Priceless!
    Thanks once more for your thoughts.

  5. Kimi
    June 18, 2008 at 1:01 pm

    Think Angie & Jacob Foster (Loving/The City) count as a popular pairing who moved on to another soap?
    I still miss Brooke. They should at least mention her every now & again 🙁

  6. Kara
    June 18, 2008 at 2:47 pm

    Angie and Jacob are a good example. It’s hard not to like anything with Debbi and Darnell at the helm. LOL. But I was thinking more of actors who *both* played different characters when they entered their second pairing. Debbi was still Angie, and I think her *known* character helped smooth the transition to Jacob. But I still give them props.
    And Brooke. Yeah. I miss her, too. Maybe if Jamie ever comes back, AMC will wake up and see the error of their ways in regards to Julia Barr. Hey, I can dream, no?