I’ve actually been enjoying All My Children lately. Not everything floats my dramatic boat, but when you’ve got the magic of the Hubbards on screen again, you can forgive a lot.
I do have one question, though.
Where in the world is Josh Madden?
I’ll admit his story wasn’t my favorite at the start. I’m not usually a fan of huge history rewrites (and it doesn’t get much huger than an abortion-turned-stolen-fetus-turned-“surprise, I’m your grown son you thought you’d terminated decades ago”).
But Colin Egglesfield (the second actor in the role) grew on me. Eventually, I was able to stop thinking of Josh’s presence as a major insult to longtime viewers and AMC history and, instead, basked in the character’s smoldering good looks and charisma.

So, what gives?
Josh hasn’t had a real story since his days chasing after Babe.
When she kicked him to the curb, he was relegated to mere backdrop for Kendall’s trials and tribulations. Or Erica’s.
He flirted with Greenlee and had a dalliance with Hannah. But, other than that, nada.
I’m starting to think AMC has difficulty finding, or at least sustaining, stories for its younger male characters.
Aidan’s struggled for years. Jonathan’s on his way out. Jamie’s gone.
And now there’s Josh.
How in the world AMC can’t find a story for him is beyond me.
He’s smart, sexy, sensitive. All those “s” words that make up a soap hero. Plus, he’s part of Erica’s brood. How can he go wrong?
Maybe the show’s just giving Colin a break while they cook up something juicy for his character. I hope that’s the case because I’d sure hate to see another talented hottie end up flying the Pine Valley coop.

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2 thoughts on “Where are you hiding Josh, AMC?

  1. Kimi
    March 4, 2008 at 5:30 pm

    It took awhile for Josh to grow on me as well .. had a hard time getting past the “un-abortion” as some refer to it on message boards.
    I was actually looking forward to meeting the “post-Babe” Josh Madden. His obsession with everything Babe was a turn off for me.
    I was looking forward to him & Greenlee … given the circumstances at the time it could have been a great storyline & more drama for the Kane/Montgomery clan.
    I’d like to see him possibly get with Amanda. She’s another stray character who’s just kinda wondering around PV. Given their past it could be interesting to watch & give both characters something to do.
    Given all the hats this guy has worn onscreen (doctor; carpenter; business exec) maybe he should whip out his law degree next & help exonerate his mother on the insider trading charges LOL. Seriously tho, there must be something for him to do other than tool around Cambius & look after the Kane women.
    And really, it would be a shame if after all the effort the writers took to “un-do” history in order to bring this character to life, that they now just let him simmer on the backburner.

  2. Kara
    March 5, 2008 at 10:37 pm

    Hi, Kimi.
    You make a good point about Amanda. I guess it isn’t just the guys that get lost in the shuffle on AMC. Julia’s another example of someone they can’t seem to find a strong story for.
    It drives me bonkers when a soap takes great pains to set something up and then leaves the idea twisting in the wind. All the time AMC took deconstructing history so they could have Josh on the canvas … and what do they have to show for it?
    Ah, well. At least he’s away from Babe. I agree with you wholeheartedly on that front!