By Joshua

As anyone who watches As the World Turns would know, one of the major storylines is Liberty’s leukemia.

A core character, Liberty is Brad’s lovechild with Janet and she is also Parker’s ex-wife.

Liberty’s cancer was a rumor that began when her current portrayer, Meredith Hagner, announced that she was leaving the show to pursue a primetime career.

Meredith Hagner (Liberty Ciccone/ATWT)

This story has all of the elements needed for a good story.

Jack (Michael Park) and Janet’s (Julie Pinson) marriage has been slowly crumbling since he accidentally killed Brad back in November. He has been drawing closer to his “True North”, Carly (Maura West). In fact, he proclaimed his love for Carly and his intention to leave Janet for her a few weeks ago.

He even went to the farm to tell Janet that he was leaving – which is where he found out about Liberty’s cancer. Jack, being the family man that he is, would never leave Janet in this time of crisis.

Which is where our journey is.

Carly is now working with ex-fiancee Craig (Jon Lindstrom) to keep her mind off of the love of her life, who she had promised to stay away from. Janet’s boss, Dusty (Grayson McCouch) is trying to win her over and the two are growing closer as friends.

Oh, and did I mention Janet and Dusty slept together on New Year’s Eve, while Jack was with Carly?

The big question on everyone’s mind seems to be this: Will Jack make a choice before both contenders for his love are taken?

The big question on my mind, however, is how will As the World Turns tell the storyline of Liberty’s cancer.

It has been announced that Meredith Hagner is leaving and the role is being recast. So I wouldn’t expect Lib to die on us too soon.

However, in the last three years, ATWT has tried to do two other cancer stories: Barbara’s oral cancer, which was just a way to get Sofie (Justine Cotsonas) in Paul’s (Roger Howarth) circle, and Lucinda’s (Elizabeth Hubbard) breast cancer reocurrance, which was just a way to get Brian (Laurence Lau) to marry her

Both of these stories were dropped and never fully resolved (Barbara’s cancer got a passing mention recently when she was told that Mick’s (Tom Pelphrey) miracle drug cured it).

The time is ticking for As the World Turns, whose cancellation was announced back in November. The soap opera has only eight and a half months left before it goes off the air, which is enough time to tell a cancer story that could win Emmy’s for many actors and actresses.

They have the potential, the talent, and the angst for the storyline.

Let’s hope ATWT does the best cancer storyline ever.

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