As the World (Without Dusty) Turns.
That’s what I think I’m going to have to call the longtime CBS soap now that Dusty Donovan is gone.
I still can’t believe ATWT did it. But, then again, they’re not the first show to kill off a main character with lots of history and ties to the canvas.
To be honest, I’m not sure what upsets me more: That ATWT let Dusty go or that they let the charismatic, smoldering Grayson McCouch go.
It’s a toss-up, really.
Dusty is a long-term character who shares significant and poignant history with some major Oakdale residents, most notably Lily (Martha Byrne), Holden (Jon Hensley) and Emily (Kelley Menighan Hensley).
I still remember when he was played by the dreamy Brian Bloom. (Hmmmm, whatever happened to him?)
When Grayson started portraying the adult Dusty, I was thrilled. I loved him on Another World as Morgan and knew he would bring the same intensity and sexiness to the role of Dusty.
I wasn’t disappointed.
When he was paired with Peyton List‘s Lucy, sparks flew. It was a beautiful thing to see. Dusty got to be his brooding, complicated, heroic yet insecure self. They made a fantastic couple.
But then List left.
Dusty dabbled with Meg and then fell in love with Jennifer (Jennifer Ferrin). And I fell in love with Jen and Dusty. Once again he was the character he was meant to be.
But then Jen died, and I don’t think the show knew what to do with Dusty anymore. He seemed to flounder storywise.
Through it all Grayson persevered. He never lost the charm and depth that made Dusty so intriguing, despite a dearth of good material to work with.
I’ll miss Dusty … and Grayson.
Hopefully, though, someone will snap up this wonderfully enigmatic actor soon, so I can see him on my screen again.

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One thought on “ATWT’s Dusty bites the dust

  1. Jus-10
    January 28, 2008 at 4:52 am

    **It was about time that Dusty was ripped from the ATWT scripts** His “behind the shadows lingering” and never being able to produce anything he claimed to have was getting extremely old. Now maybe Lily will fall back to Holden once she learns he is going through hell to cover her ass and the mysterious syringe. Just as CBS craves, this week will be a must see for ATWT!