Grayson McCouch is returning to As the World Turns as Dusty Donovan. (His scenes should start airing Sept. 24.)
Wow. Soaps really are capable of righting their horrible, horrible wrongs.
It’s not that I’m totally against shows killing off a core character once in awhile. I’m all for good drama here and there.
But sometimes it seems like soaps get too willy-nilly about it, knocking off a beloved character just ’cause they can.
That’s how I felt about Dusty.
He had so many ties to the Oakdale canvas … and he was portrayed ever so winningly by the wonderfully charismatic and smoldering Grayson. That man has chemistry with everyone, and he brings such depth to Dusty, the complicated good-hearted guy with a bad-guy persona.
How could ATWT let that go?
Now I don’t have to waste my time wondering anymore.
Dusty’s back in Oakdale … where he, and Grayson, belong.

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