I’m not really sure what’s going on at As the World Turns nowadays.
I’ve already blogged about my displeasure over the demise of Dusty Donovan (and thus the loss of his charismatic portrayer, Grayson McCouch).
The show also killed off ventriloquist Sam, and while he was a tad bit creepy, he was played by the magnificently deep-dimpled Wally Kurth. It’s just sad to see the actor disappear from our screens once more.
ATWT‘s latest genius move?
Axing Scott Bryce and drop-kicking his immensely layered, entertaining alter ego Craig from the canvas.
I’ll admit, I have a bit of a soft spot for bad-guy Craig. Whether played by originator Scott or someone else (my personal favorite was Hunt Block, who is now One Life to Live‘s dastardly Lee Ramsey), the character was never boring. He had a way of stirring things up in Oakdale.
Although Craig was more often than not up to no good, I always felt that behind the scheming and rottenness was a man who desperately wanted to find someone who truly loved and understood him and would support him, even at his worst.
Of course, his worst typically skewed toward the despicable, so he inevitably blew apart any relationship he was in. But Craig had a knack for making me believe he had at least intended to
do right when it came to the woman he loved.
The latest object of his desire was Meg, and I thought ATWT did a great job laying the foundation for a Craig/Meg/Paul triangle. Adding Rosanna to the mix was like icing on a three-layered cake.
But the promise of this story never came to fruition … and now it never will.
The good news is Craig is still alive, so he can … and probably will … return someday to wreak more havoc in Oakdale.
I just hope ATWT comes to its senses and makes that day sooner rather than later.

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