My cousin Karen, my aunt Nancy and I all were hooked on Young & the Restless the first couple of years of it’s existence in the early 1970’s.
That’s when Jill Abbott was played by Brenda Dickson, who originated the role, and Katherine Chancellor was – and still is – amazingly portrayed by Jeanne Cooper.
We would all watch it together – mostly in the summers since Karen and I were in school and there wasn’t TIVO back then!
I remember the three of us also being hooked on the mini-series “Rich Man, Poor Man,” which was one of the first nighttime soap operas.
My grandmother was a faithful follower of “As The World Turns” and “Guiding Light.”
As you can see, we are a family of soap watchers.
About 17 years ago, Karen began watching “As The World Turns” and has been watching it ever since.
Karen has graciously provided us with her thoughts on –
The latest developments on ATWT
By Karen Bonanno
Meg, Paul, and Eliza –
Once again Paul goes off the deep end, kidnaps his daughter, and has everyone that he knows wanting to kill him. Then, as always Paul comes around and shows a very sensitive side with his touching display of remorse and compassion when he returns Eliza to Meg. Just when you think you can’t hate this character any more, he delivers his soft side.
Katie, Brad, Vienna, Henry –
Now that Katie is confined to bed rest for her pregnancy with the doctor’s orders to avoid all stress, the storyline seems predictable that Brad and Vienna’s TV partnership will drive another wedge into the friendship and send Katie into one of her emotional tantrums.
Dusty, Bonnie –
Who will start the new romance first – Dusty & Bonnie or Meg & Damian?
Chances are that it won’t be Dusty and Bonnie since Dusty seems attracted only to the women who are in crisis. Bonnie is a successful and independent woman who – I hope – has no interest in the angry, confrontational Dusty. What happened to Derek?
Carly,Parker –
This is a very realistic and relevant issue (Carly’s drinking problem) that ATWT is portraying with this family. The struggles between mother and son are intense and poignant. It’s interesting how Craig is the one trying to keep everything together.
And what are your thoughts about the latest developments on ATWT?

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    “Now that Katie is confined to bed rest for her pregnancy with the doctor