This isn’t the first time I’ve asked this recently, but what is going on at As the World Turns?
First, longtime character Dusty takes a dirt nap. Then TPTB decide to kick Craig to the curb.
Now they’re picking on Lily.
Talk about a legacy character, one with a super-talented, Emmy Award-winning, widely beloved portrayer in Martha Byrne.
I’m almost wordless. (Almost. I mean, really, what kind of blogger would I be if I let this go by without comment?)
The scuttlebutt is that Martha didn’t want to go … and the role is being recast.
Um, huh?
And soaps wonder why they’re struggling so much.
Believe me, I get the concept of cost-cutting. Pretty much anyone with children is intimately aware of what it means to pinch a penny.
When soaps start feeling the monetary squeeze, they often let older, higher-salaried cast members go as a way to trim the budget.
But I don’t understand this massive bloodletting by ATWT.
They are getting rid of characters who are keystones on the canvas. People with history and investment from the viewers.
And this seems wise because …?
Most of the actors who have left recently seem to have been pushed out.
Perhaps the only notable exceptions are Jennifer Landon and Jesse Soffer (Gwen and Will). These two skilled performers have voluntarily decided to test their talents elsewhere. Of course I respect their decisions to spread their creative wings, but their absence will be quite a blow to the show.
Just another reason why ATWT can’t afford to lose another pivotal, familiar performer like Martha Byrne.

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2 thoughts on “Letting Martha Byrne go a big mistake, ATWT

  1. shelly sitzer
    March 26, 2008 at 7:04 pm

    I cannot believe what I just read that ATWT is thinking of recasting the part of Lily. This part screams Martha Byrne. It is impossible to watch the show and feel any reality happening if the part is re-cast. I cannot believe that Scott Bryce is no longer on the show after his wonderful portrayal of Craig in his return to the show. Dusty Donovan was a strong character and should not have been removed. But it would be a “soap sin” to replace Martha Byrna. Other stars vital to the show are John Hensley, Michael Parks and female actresses playing Carley and Katie. Don’t ruin ATWT. Keep it the beautiful and well done show that it is
    Shelly in Virginia

  2. Michele
    March 28, 2008 at 10:05 pm

    Hi Shelly!
    Welcome and thanks for your post.
    I am a HUGE Scott Bryce fan and was shocked by the fact that he is off ATWT.
    However, on the up side, I am hoping against hope that he will return as Dr. Crosby to One Life To Live. I so enjoyed him as Dr. Crosby – and with Todd being crazy and Antonio becoming angry again – I think OLTL could use Dr.Crosby AND put Scott Bryce’s acting talents to good use!