By Joshua

More than a five year anniversary is EXTREMELY rare on soaps, but the Hughes family on ATWT has gotten a few long marriages under their belt.

Original players Nancy and Chris had celebrated over fifty years together, which is AMAZING.

They were the first (and last so far) soap couple to reach the big 5-0.

Just last year, Margo (Ellen Dolan) and Tom Hughes (Scott Holmes) celebrated twenty five years.

And, recently, so did Bob (Don Hastings) and Kim (Kathryn Hayes).

But here’s the twist – they weren’t really married.

In one of the most shocking plot twists, ATWT has erased one of the longest remaining marriages on the show – and soaps. Sure, they have had rough spots (he slept with Susan) and they’ve had few problems in recent years (except for her recent heart attack and his brain condition). All of a sudden, we see everyone gather for their anniversary party, and then see Kim reject Bob’s marriage proposal after they find out about the invalidity of their marriage.

Bob and Kim Hughes

Thankfully, between Barbara (Colleen Zenk Pinter), Nancy (Helen Wagner), Susan (Marie Masters), and Lisa (Eileen Fulton), the two eventually reconciled and wed.

There were outstanding performances by all.

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