By Michele Dargan

So tonight is the BIG night for Ali, The Bachelorette.

Who will she choose?

Will it be Roberto, the guy she had chemistry with from the first time she laid eyes on him?

Or will it be Cape Cod Chris, the sympathic choice who moved home to take care of his dying mother?

Or will she choose neither?

Reality Steve, a blogger who apparently has “a source” close to the show, has successfully predicted the last couple of bachelor/bachelorette picks.

He’s been saying Ali will pick neither….but today he posted a blog saying that’s not the case.

Since Soapbox1 is a spoiler-free zone, I didn’t read the entire entry because I don’t want to know.

(Actually, Reality Steve kinda looks like Craig, the attorney….hmmmm.)

Here’s what Ali will look like tonight when we find out the answer.

Ali Fedotowsky, The Bachelorette (ABC/MATT KLITSCHER)

The two guys will meet Ali’s family in Bora Bora, site of the finale.

Has this been a season full of drama – or what???

First there was the drama between the “dangerous” Craig M. and Jonathan “the Weatherman.”

I thought that Craig was a bully and wasn’t sad at all when he got the boot.

Next up, Justin “the wrestler,” who ended up having not just one girlfriend, but TWO.

Glad when he got the boot too.

But the real shocker of the season was Frank….who seemed really into Ali and was even whiny and needed to be constantly reassured by her.

Yeah….I really liked Frank from the beginning and thought that he was a good match for Ali.

Who knew he would have some feelings left for his ex that supposedly resurfaced during his quest for Ali.

Then he goes back to Chicago to see his ex before going to the Final Three in Tahiti and decides he’s really in love with his ex.

WHAT??? Are you kidding me???

Roberto, Chris, Frank and Ali, The Bachelorette (ABC/RICK ROWELL)

See, here’s where I have a huge problem with this show.

It seems like every season – when they get down to the final 3 or 4, there’s some sort of crisis….

Last year it was Ali, who just HAD to go back to her job….Didn’t she know before she committed to the show that she would get the time off from her job? Didn’t she have to tell her bosses ahead of time and get the clearance to go on the show?

That just didn’t make sense and seemed orchestrated.

Therein lies my big problem with The Bachelor/Bachelorette series.

I really feel that a lot of the drama is really just orchestrated by the producers.

I’ve watched it consistently for the past 3 or 4 seasons, despite the fact that I swear off the show EVERY season…

When Jason ditched my pick, Melissa, on National TV after he had already proposed to her, I SWORE I would never watch the show again…

But here I am, how many seasons later?

And, I swear, I CAN’T WAIT for tonight’s eppy!

If Ali doesn’t pick Roberto, who she obviously has uber-chemistry with and he also seems like a great guy, then I’m never watching the show again.

Famous last words!

One thought on “Will Ali pick Roberto, Chris or neither?

  1. Diana
    August 4, 2010 at 6:26 pm

    You were right on target with Roberto!! You knew all along, good job fave!! I’m still all about Cape Cod Chris..but now hopefully he’ll be the next Bachelor and I can watch him ALL SEASON 🙂 Yummy and delish! Too bad I don’t tweet, or I could have been tweeting with you all through the finale! haha