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By Silas Kain A CALL TO RALLY THE SOAP TROOPS IN A NEW MISSION… Hi there. It’s been along, strange week hasn’t it? So, let’s get down to business and have a serious, adult discussion. I’ve got a few ideas. Let me clarify, WE have a lot of ideas. Some are good. Others are subject […]

By Michele Dargan So do you think Carly destroyed Brenda’s wedding dress? Or is Carly just a red herring? As always, the GH writers lure us down the path they want us to take in order to throw us off the track of the real perpetrator. And, I have to admit, I’m at a loss […]

By Silas Kain As a soap opera aficionado for the better part of my life I’ve seen many tales told over the years which I could take or leave. You know the drill. Stories get remade, retold, repeated or as I like to call them regurgitated. In the last decade it seems there’s been a […]