Last week, the National Academy of Television Arts and Sciences announced the prenominations for this year’s Daytime Entertainment Emmy Awards. (If you aren’t exactly clear on what prenoms entail, has a nice article explaining the ins and outs.)
Now, I am in no way, shape or form qualified to judge which one of these soap thespians is most qualified for the ultimate nomination.
Despite the notions of some of my coworkers, I don’t watch soaps all day, every day.
Just all day, some days.
Oh, I kid.
The fact is I try to keep tabs on most of the shows, but there are some I’m more involved with than others. With that in mind, here are some of my thoughts on the prenom list:
1. Why is the fabulously talented, would-have-chemistry-with-a limp-rag dynamo like Alicia Minshew nominated for supporting, rather than lead, actress? Yeah, yeah. I know. The actors select which category they want to be considered for. But, Alicia, dear? In case no one’s told you yet, you practically carried All My Children on your delicate shoulders all year. In fact, I implored the Academy to hand you the Emmy way back in August. Heck, your on-screen partner, Thorsten Kaye, is in the lead actor category. That should tell you something right there.
2. Um, General Hospital‘s Megan Ward is a lead actress? Huh? She started on the show like two weeks ago. (OK, I exaggerate, but really now. It’s just not right, I tell ya.) It’s no wonder I felt like her character was taking up a lot of air time because, lo and behold, I guess she was. At least enough to be considered a lead. To be clear, this is a question of category, not talent. Do I think Megan’s a good actress? Sure. Do I have a problem with her being nominated? Not really. Do I think Kate is a lead role? Nope.
3. I’m ashamed to ask this, but who does Jeffrey Carlson play on AMC? … *quick google check* … Oops. My bad. That’s Zarf/Zoe! OK, he can stay. Sorry, Jeffrey. Carry on.
4. Oooh, oooh. Sabine Singh of AMC. Yay. Is it completely petty of me to want her to get a nomination and win and ride that victory to primetime, the silver screen and discovering the cure for cancer? All so she can thumb her nose at the classless yahoos at AMC/ABC? Oh, yeah, and in her Emmy speech she can say things like, “I can’t believe this is ‘real.’ It’s been a ‘real’ treat to be here. Is the ‘Real World’ still on?” How cool would that be? For real.
5. Speaking of people who were let go before their time, I see a few other names who are rightfully on the prenom list yet inexplicably not on their respective shows anymore. Scott Bryce and Grayson McCouch from As the World Turns are stellar examples. Good luck, guys. If I can’t see you in Oakdale, then may you have a nice, shiny Emmy on your mantle as recognition for the character and passion you brought to your roles.
So, there are some of my initial thoughts on the Daytime Emmys prenom list.
Anything pique your interest?

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