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Holy 1980s! Did I just hear right? Sean Donely and Tiffany Hill will be making an appearance on General Hospital: Night Shift? Wow. I wonder what those two kids have been up to? Last viewers knew, superspy (and sometimes villain) Sean and his TV/movie star wife, Tiffany (or Elsie Mae Crumholtz, as long-time viewers will […]

I tried to watch the whole thing. I really did. But once again, just like with season one, I just couldn’t watch the entire episode of General Hospital: Night Shift, season 2. In a word. Boring! Except, of course, the scenes with super spy Robert Scorpio (Tristan Rogers) – a victim of a plane crash […]

Has anyone watched General Hospital: Night Shift, season two yet? I haven’t mainly because I absolutely HATED season one…..absolutely hated it for various reasons. Click here to read my blog that I wrote last year about season one. But, I must say, that the recaps for the first two episodes sounded interesting….and entertaining. Let’s not […]