The season finale of General Hospital: Night Shift is set for tonight and I have just one thought.
To begin with, I was never interested in the premise: a sexier, edgier spin-off of the uber-popular daytime drama, General Hospital.
Let’s face it. Everyone knows that spin-offs never work.
I can’t think of one spin-off that was even good.
Okay I do remember one.
Knots Landing, the Dallas spin-off.
But that’s the only one.
Back to Night Shift.
The action takes place during the night shift at General Hospital. It features the younger, daytime characters, adding some new, sexy young things to the mix.
Strike one!
Storylines are crafted in an “alternate reality,” which means – as I understand it – the stories are unrelated to those shown on the daytime GH.
Case in point.
Jason Morgan, a hitman for mob boss Sonny Corinthos, is on trial for his life on GH.
That night, he’s doing community service as a janitor on the night shift at the hospital.
A janitor?
Can you say, confusing?
Strike Two!
I tried to watch the first couple of episodes – just out of curiosity. But it didn’t maintain my interest.
Two weeks ago, I watched an entire show.
It was so depressing. Literally!
The storylines went like this: euthanasia, sex addiction, a music legend with an inoperable condition and a cherubic student nurse on a murderous rampage.
Those were the highlights. Way too depressing for me.
Strike Three!
And the most egregious sin, to me, is the way the downfall of Patrick Drake and Robin Scorpio’s love story was written.
The writers totally trashed Patrick’s character and I absolutely love his portrayer, Jason Thompson.
Patrick dumped Robin because she wanted to adopt the baby of an HIV positive woman who died. Patrick wasn’t ready to be a father and ran for the hills. Five minutes later, he’s in bed with a sexy, young nurse.
Strike Four!
Okay. I know it’s three strikes and you’re out. But I gave it an extra chance.
I think the producers want to reel in people who are new to GH – and the 20-something crowd at that.
I’m in neither of those categories. So I won’t be tuning in for the finale tonight at 11 p.m. (EST) on SOAPnet.
For me, it’s a big – who cares.
Is there anyone out there who really likes this show? Talk to me!