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It’s been a few weeks since Super Soap Weekend 2008 ended. I had posted some interviews in the days that followed. But then came Thanksgiving and some traveling and now I can get back to some unfinished business. Namely: more interviews. I’ll start with Brandon Barash, Johnny Zacchara on General Hospital. Before I get to […]

Anyone who knows me knows that my favorite soap character is Lt. John McBain on One Life To Live. Yeah, he broods sometimes. Big deal. But what I really like about McBain is his honesty and loyalty and the fact that he always does the right thing to a fault. The only times that he […]

Whew! I thought I’d never get these Super Soap Weekend 2008 photos out into the blogosphere. (And I think Michele had serious doubts, as well!) But here I am … And here’s the link: SSW photos. I only put one photo per star (although there are a couple “couple” ones in there, too.) I’ll be […]