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I’m going to make this short and sweet. Silas Kain, BlogTalkRadio host of Delibernation AND a Soapbox1 contributor, is on a mission…. He’s on a mission to save the soap genre. HE HAS A PLAN…A DETAILED PLAN… And He’s attracting A LOT of buzz from some very influential people… So, without further adieu… Here is […]

By Michele Dargan Hey Gang! Last night, Silas Kain of Delibernation BlogTalkRadio Show – and a Soapbox1 contributor – launched his Surge on Soaps week. We all know that soaps are being cancelled right and left….As The World Turns will air its final show on CBS this Friday… Silas refuses to acknowledge that this will […]

By Silas Kain Normally my column this week would be about something I like or dislike about one of the many controversial story lines we are experiencing across all three of ABC’s “stories”. But today I want to appeal to you about the genre of soaps in general. Let’s face it, you and I both […]