By Joshua

The Young and the Restless is always putting great stories in effect, but this Masquerade Ball might be the highlight of the year.

The thing I like most is how it pulls together many stories with many crazy people.

First we have Adam Wilson (Michael Muhney), who concocted the Big Baby Switch of ’09, married the woman who’s child he stole, tried to make the other mother crazy and ruined the lives of his family and wife.

He was kidnapped by a bunch of people (Jack, Victor, Billy, Victoria, Ashley, Nick, Phyllis, Sharon and a few others) and was forced to confess his crazy plot.

Then, he was arrested and sent to the hospital for an evaluation of his mental state.

Which brings us to story number two.

Crazy Patty (Stacy Haiduk) was infatuated with Jack, but she was committed to a hospital before she could marry the man of her dreams.

So who marries him instead? Her psychologist (who has the same face thanks to plastic surgery).

Crazy Patty was able to knock out Dr. Emily Peterson (also played by Haiduk), bleach her hair and dye her own (the hair color was the only difference), and switch places in time for the Valentine’s Day wedding.

Jack (Peter Bergman) doesn’t have a clue (that’s what happens when you marry someone you’ve known for a month).

Adam got wise to Patty and blackmailed her to help him escape during the ball. Meanwhile, the people who kidnapped him and forced him to confessed were told that they were under investigation for the kidnapping.

And everyone’s at the ball.

The third story that converges?

Well, anyone who watches Y&R knows about Daisy (Yvonne Zima) and Ryder (Wilson Bethel), who have been trying to hurt Lauren (Tracey Bregman) for their mother. Lauren JUST got wise as the gruesome twosome were arrested.

But Mama Bear bailed them out (who Mama Bear is is still a mystery), and they donned masks for the Ball.

As last Friday’s cliffhanger culminated, Adam was holding baby Faith as Sharon walked in, and a masked Mama Bear was standing right behind Lauren in her private room.

And after a day of not much on the Lauren or Patty front, and everyone looking for Adam in the Genoa City Athletic Club, the whole place exploded, and a burnt body was found.

Chance (John Driscoll) has said that the burnt remains are Adam’s, but is it true? Is Adam really dead?

I’m no psychic, but this fallout on The Young and the Restless is sure to be great!

Is Jeanne Cooper the best or what?
After nearly 35 years as Katherine “Kay” Chancellor on The Young and the Restless, she still manages to be thoroughly entertaining.
This veteran actress has such a handle on who Kay is and what she brings to the show as a whole. I just love watching her work.
Recently, she counseled Nikki, encouraging her dear friend to talk about her problems (both business and personal) with soon-to-be-ex-husband Victor.
She then spoke to Nicholas as he was on his way out of Newman Enterprises, after being fired by his father.
Finally she tried to reason with Victor, stubbornness personified.
In all of these interactions, she was firm, yet compassionate. She tells it like it is, making no apologies, but she has a gruff tenderness about her that tempers her rougher edges.
When she speaks, people listen. They may not always heed her words, but they listen.
Perhaps it’s because she speaks from loads of experience. You don’t get to be the grande dame of Genoa City without facing — and overcoming — more than your fair share of troubles.
Whenever I watch her, I’m reminded that she’s the type of person you want on your side. She loves just as hard as she fights.
At the end of their conversation, Nikki said to Kay, “You’re one of a kind.”
That she is, Nikki. That she is.
And so is Jeanne Cooper.


Is it just me, or does Victor Newman on The Young and the Restless spend an awful lot of time mumbling?
I’m not trying to slight portrayer Eric Braeden; he is a daytime icon, after all. But really. Is Victor supposed to be so lifeless and monotone?
I seriously doubt it.
Eric has been playing this role for more than 20 years. And he has played it well, bringing just the right mix of charm and ruthlessness to Genoa City’s patriarchal tycoon.
Lately, though, there have been few moments of true intensity from the character, which seems odd considering the year he’s had.
Let’s see, he thought his son Nick had died. His wife and soul mate Nikki slept with another man and then dumped him. His pregnant daughter was in a coma, leaving he and Nikki at odds as to whether to pull the plug. He was arrested for murder. Oh, yeah, and he was diagnosed with epilepsy.
All that strain can definitely leave a man exhausted and defeated.
And perhaps prone to mumbling.
But this is Victor Newman we’re talking about. When is he ever really down and out?
Never, by gum!
So, please, is there some way we can oust the mumble monster that has taken hold of Eric Braeden’s tongue?
And then send that slayer on over to General Hospital. Maurice Benard‘s Sonny could use a little help, too.