I must admit that I haven’t been watching a whole lot of soaps during the past month.
For various reasons … some personal, some caused by the busy holiday season and some related to my substantial disappointment in my favorite daytime dramas recently … my tube watching has consisted mostly of Momma’s Boys and college football.
And I’ve been reading a lot of news.
Well, guess what I’ve discovered? Our world is just one, big soap opera.
Check out this Reuters story I stumbled across. Turns out a man in Poland walked into a brothel … and came face-to-face with his wife of 14 years.
And, no, she wasn’t just in there asking for change for a dollar. (Here’s the link if you want to read it yourself.)
Anyway, the story kind of reminded me of 1979 One Life to Live, when Karen Wolek (played to perfection by the amazing Judith Light) was forced to admit in court that she was a prostitute. Much to the shock of her fine, upstanding doctor husband, Larry.
Man, that was good soap. (Watch it below.)

So what happened? Where are those nail-biting, build-up moments now?
To give OLTL credit, though, I still think it’s one heck of a show. Probably the best on ABC. They at least can take a story and stick with it, developing their characters (old and new) and even using their vets.
And they give their viewers actual payoffs. A novel concept nowadays, to be sure.
I don’t know. Maybe 2009 will bring me fully back into the fold.
It all really depends on whether the shows will invest in their fans as much as we invest in them.

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I am finally starting to emerge from my Daytime-Emmy-induced stupor, and something hit me.
I miss the televised Soap Opera Digest awards.
Anyone else feeling the void about now?
I used to love seeing all the soap stars dressed to the nines and actually enjoying themselves because a) every soap had a chance in Hades to get something and b) the categories were so much fun.
Remember best villain and villainess? Or best comeback? Or best supercouple (see clip below of my all-time faves Jack and Jennifer from Days of Our Lives.)

It was like the MTV or Kids’ Choice or (insert some other fun-loving, viewer-selected) awards just for soaps.
Why don’t we have that anymore?
Yeah, I know. Probably something about budgets and declining viewership. Blah, blah, blah.
But why do soaps seem to be the only genre affected by a cutback in awards events? As far as I can tell, the number of these “self-congratulatory” shows mushrooms every year, so, really, what’s one more?
And as for the argument that the SOD awards are simply a popularity contest … well, duh. But at least they didn’t pretend to be otherwise.
With all the drama and disappointment that seems to surround the Daytime Emmys nowadays, I could use something that is nothing more than fun … for both the stars and the fans.

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Dontcha just love big, splashy weddings on soap operas?
After more than 25 years as a viewer, I still get excited to see all the pomp and circumstance. The pretty dresses. The stylish tuxes. The flowers. The vows.
Oh, yeah. And the inevitable glitch. Usually in the form of a presumed dead spouse … or a jealous ex hell-bent on revenge … or a huge secret finally revealed.
Talk about drama.
Recently, One Life to Live pulled out all the stops with the wedding of Rex/Adriana.
How absolutely stunning did everyone look? Which is apropos considering how absolutely stunned everyone was when Gigi (Farah Fath) stood up and declared her love for Rex (John-Paul Lavoisier).

Yee. Haw.
It doesn’t get much better than that, folks. That’s classic soap, right there.
Now, All My Children is gearing up for some nuptials of its own. Jesse and Angie will be tying the knot in a big to-do that promises some fireworks, especially with smarmy Robert Gardner still lurking around targeting the Hubbards.
The previews of the wedding already have me feeling giddy with anticipation. Debbi Morgan and Darnell Williams look amazing. What an incredibly beautiful pair they make.

Oooh, and Greg Nelson (Laurence Lau) has returned to Pine Valley for the occasion, bringing back so many great memories. In fact, there’s already been some more flashbacks with Jenny and the rest of that 1980s crew.
It’s wonderful to see AMC actually honoring its history, particularly such a pivotal time for the show.
It’s that kind of stuff that I like to call the icing on the soap-wedding cake.

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