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I must admit that I haven’t been watching a whole lot of soaps during the past month. For various reasons … some personal, some caused by the busy holiday season and some related to my substantial disappointment in my favorite daytime dramas recently … my tube watching has consisted mostly of Momma’s Boys and college […]

I am finally starting to emerge from my Daytime-Emmy-induced stupor, and something hit me. I miss the televised Soap Opera Digest awards. Anyone else feeling the void about now? I used to love seeing all the soap stars dressed to the nines and actually enjoying themselves because a) every soap had a chance in Hades […]

Dontcha just love big, splashy weddings on soap operas? After more than 25 years as a viewer, I still get excited to see all the pomp and circumstance. The pretty dresses. The stylish tuxes. The flowers. The vows. Oh, yeah. And the inevitable glitch. Usually in the form of a presumed dead spouse … or […]