Suzanne Oberman, the advertising layout coordinator at the Palm Beach Daily News, is a HUGE Days of our Lives fan.
Suzanne says she was watching the show “probably in the womb” because her mother got her hooked on the show.
Suzanne is going to help us out again today and offer her commentary as our guest blogger.
Chloe’s Transformation
By Suzanne Oberman
On soaps they always send characters to “Europe” when they’ve been written out of the script for one reason or another.
This was no different for Chloe (Nadia Bjorlin) and Brady on Days of our Lives, who shipped off to Vienna after they got married.
But now Chloe’s back- and without Brady.
We found out that Chloe and Brady supposedly got divorced.
And Chloe has transformed from a nice opera-singing girl to a trouble-causing vixen.
First she caused trouble in paradise between Belle and Shawn and then she tried to seduce Philip (Jay Kenneth Johnson with Bjorlin in photo). ChloeoverPhilipblog.jpg
However, Philip is much too smart for her and caught on quickly.
Philip had his secretary dig up information on Chloe and found that she is wanted for questioning by the Vienna police.
She says it’s because her visa had expired.
Not likely.
The more plausible and realistic reason is that she is wanted for questioning in the disappearance of Brady.
Chloe claims that she and Brady got into a heated fight, he walked out, and she never saw him again.
And we think – so you just left Vienna and flew back to Salem?
There’s definitely more to this story that Chloe is keeping from us.
Philip, and eventually Marlena, realize this.
Marlena (Deirdre Hall) demands to know where Brady is and is convinced Chloe had something to do with his disappearance.
Roman (Josh Taylor) contacts the Vienna police and they confirm that she is wanted for questioning concerning Brady’s whereabouts.
The Vienna police give Roman permission to take her down to the Salem police department for interrogation.
Could Chloe have gone from goth Ghoul Girl, to a beautiful opera singer, to a cold-blooded murderer?
I think in the coming weeks we will see a side to Chloe that has just begun to emerge.
And I can’t wait!

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