OK. So … let me get this straight.
Despite one outlandish backstory change after another, it turns out that John Black on Days of Our Lives is really a Brady after all.
Why do I suddenly feel like I’ve wasted the past 15 years or so investing in John’s mysterious past?
I have never seen a character that has been so often carelessly used by the powers that be to further whatever wacky plot they’ve got on their agenda.
I remember back when John was Roman Brady. He and his new Drake Hogestyn face were reunited with “Doc,” and all was right with the world. Alice Horton doughnuts for everyone.
But then Days got the brilliant idea to make Drake’s Roman an imposter so they could welcome back original portrayer Wayne Northrop.
And that marked the beginning of John’s darker days. Maybe that’s the real reason they gave him the last name Black.
Of course, I still loved Drake. Whether he was Roman or John, it didn’t really matter. Especially when he connected with Isabella. Oh, how I adored Roman/John and his Izzy B.
But Isabella died, John and Marlena ended up together and Days just couldn’t leave the poor guy alone.
He’s Stefano’s mercenary. No, wait, he’s a clergyman. Oh, no, he’s really Lawrence Alamain’s presumed-dead brother, Forrest. Ooh, hold on, it turns out he’s actually somehow related to the DiMeras via his biological mother.
Yep, it makes my head spin.
The latest? John is the biological son of Santo DiMera and Colleen Brady.
I think that officially makes him the chosen one. The Santo/Colleen romance, after all, is what led to the feud that ate Salem.
I would probably find it all a lot more interesting if it weren’t the zillionth John Black history rewrite I’ve been asked to swallow. It’s just too much, even for a soap opera. (And that’s saying a lot, I know!)
Let the man’s past be at rest already.

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3 thoughts on “Days’ John a Brady once more

  1. Suzanne
    February 6, 2008 at 12:38 pm

    So confusing! Oh the drama!:)

  2. Heather
    July 30, 2008 at 11:14 am

    I never joined such
    nice fan club as drake hogestyn on days of our lives.
    i been in it for 2 years.and i even sent my photo to the fan club and john seen my picture.he said i was a special agent.
    it was the best fan club ever.iam from canada.i watch days of our lives everyday.i am very happy to have john black as my fave soap star.

  3. Kara
    July 30, 2008 at 4:40 pm

    Hi, Heather.
    I often hear nice things about Drake. He seems to be very good to his fans, which probably explains his popularity and longevity on the show. I’m glad to hear you’ve had such a positive experience with his fan club.
    Thanks for posting!