How hot are E.J. and Nicole on Days of Our Lives?
They’re so sizzling that I shall refrain from posting a clip of their recent elevator romp, just in case there are still a few conservative-minded soap viewers out there. If you’re interested, you’ll have to search for those juicy scenes on your own!
What I will post are the scenes that these wonderfully complex characters shared the next day. (You’ll notice Roscoe Born in there, as well, playing new character Trent. As an aside, I must say Roscoe is a master at playing the creepiest of creepy creeps. He and Hunt Block should be on the same show just once so their characters can have a creep off.)

Anyway, back to E.J. and Nicole. These two are both intelligent, strong and willing to do whatever it takes to get what they want. Sometimes that “whatever” means being downright devious, but they both have a soft side that keeps the characters likeable.
In fact, I think E.J. and Nicole have a way of spotlighting these softer traits, the aspects of their personalities that they try so hard to keep under wraps for fear of being hurt or taken advantage of.
E.J., for example, brings out an endearing vulnerability in an otherwise snarky, hardened-by-life Nicole. And she has a way of bringing out his gallant, decidedly un-DiMera side.
They seem to believe in each other and see past all the negatives that everyone else likes to harp on. She views E.J. as a gentleman, a protector. He finds her smart and fun and resilient.
It must be nice for these two to be with someone who says nice things about them … and to them. Granted, they brought much of the criticism on themselves, but still … their characters aren’t all bad.
James Scott and Arianne Zuker are doing a great job bringing this pairing to life.
All I have left to say is, “Sami who?”

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