I am absolutely loving the newly formed friendship between Ava and Nicole on Days of Our Lives.
What a fabulous idea to pair these two as pals. Two women who, for obvious reasons, are severely lacking in the buddy department. It makes sense that they would form a bond.
Watching these two “girl talk” is a riot. Yet it’s sad at the same time as they discuss the reasons why no one likes them.
And therein lies the beauty in this connection.
The bond between Ava and Nicole showcases their vulnerabilities. It gives them humanity to temper some of their more conniving and downright dastardly deeds. Otherwise they’d just be a couple of meanies with no rooting value.

Perhaps what really makes Ava and Nicole’s scenes work is the fact that these characters are portrayed by two formidable and charismatic actresses.
Not to mention entertaining.
Arianne Zuker is so vibrant as Nicole. (Doesn’t the actress just seem like the kind of gal pal you’d like to hang with on a Saturday night? All lovable kookiness and such?) I am glued to the screen whenever she’s on. She has the ability to make me laugh one moment and then have me tearing up the next. It’s sorcery, I tell you.
And, of course, there’s Tamara Braun as Ava. This actress had the terribly difficult task of coming onto the Days canvas as a crazed woman causing having for the uber-uber-uber-uber-to-infinity-beloved supercouple Patch and Kayla. And now the show’s throwing her in between John and Marlena?
Talk about a thankless job.
But Tamara has been more than up to the task. With the things Ava has done, I should completely hate her. But lately, especially in her scenes with Nicole, she’s shown heart and remorse and humility and … dare I say? … likability.
It’s amazing what a little good-old-fashioned female bonding can do, eh?

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