Hey Gang!

I’m still working on my interview with Aiden Turner from All My Children and will have that for you tomorrow.


I want to alert my Days of Our Lives followers that there are two recent blog posts up on my buddy Paula’s site – Paula’s Soapbox – that I think you’ll want to check out.

Although Paula thinks that Days is one of the best soaps on TV, she says that some of the storylines have “jumped the shark.”

Click here to read the full post called “The Dance: DOOL.”

In another recent post, Paula discusses the big reveal about Chloe’s fling and Parker’s paternity.

Paula says it took too waaaay too long for the truth to come out.

Paula writes: “This is my main complaint with Days, they tease their audience too much so that by the time the event that they have been teasing us with finally happens it’s anti-climactic. I think this particular reveal should have happened shortly after Melanie and Nathan left quarantine because I never really understood how they could come so close to death, say their “I love you’s” then go back to their respective mates as if nothing ever happened.”

Click here to read Paula’s entire post titled: My Baby’s Got a Secret: DOOL


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