Oh, Nicole. How I have missed thee.
It is so nice (well, if you can actually use the word nice in regards to Nicole) to have Ms. Walker (Arianne Zuker) back on Days of Our Lives.
Talk about someone with the ability to stir things up.
She’s like Sami. Only funnier.
Speaking of Sami, I think it would be great if Nicole gave her some serious competition for E.J. What a pair they would make. And perfect fuel for the rancorous fire that already exists between the two women.
Then there’s Kate, who has her own reasons for hating Nicole. Two in particular: son Lucas and ex-husband Victor, both of whom have wed Ms. Walker … and were the worse off for it.
And Chloe? Let’s just say she and Nicole never saw eye-to-eye over Brady.
Add Nicole’s interactions with anyone male and there’s bound to be some sparks. You can already see the electricity between her and Philip.
Yeah. I think things are about to get super juicy in Salem.

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