By Michele Dargan

So there’s a new “evil” twin in town on Days Of Our Lives….

Or at least he’s supposed to be evil.

Paula, over at Paula’s Soapbox, says the Rafe double is really not so evil in the evilest sense of evil….Okay those were my words.

But in Paula’s words he’s kind of like Rafe 2.0 and she likens him to a cross between #2 and #4 in the movie Multiplicity, which, by the way, I’ve never seen. But I guess I will rent it now that Paula highly recommends it.

E.J., Rafe, Stefano

Back to Rafe 2.0, Paula offers some theories about what she’d like to see happen.

And, frankly, I like her ideas.

So, without further adieu…

Click here to read what Paula has to say in “Rafe 2.0 Attack of the Clone: DOOL.

And while you’re on Paula’s Soapbox, check out her interview with BlogTalkRadio’s Daytime After Dark host Carly.

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