Suzanne Oberman, our DOOL specialist, has returned as a guest blogger to offer her commentary on the latest happenings in Salem.
What Will Happen In the Aftermath of the Plane Crash?
By Suzanne Oberman
Watching John’s plane lose control and crash this past week on Days of Our Lives was kind of like watching the Titanic sink: slow and torturous. Although John’s sarcastic quips did make it entertaining.
From the beginning I couldn’t figure out if John was behind the plane’s malfunctions from the way he was acting. However, by the time most of the Brady clan was about to meet their maker, I became convinced that John didn’t have anything to do with it.
Then again, it is the type of show where one can die in front of his/her entire family in the hospital and then mysteriously be alive and hidden in a dungeon after being buried. Makes you think doesn’t it?
I also have to say that I am thoroughly enjoying this “new” John Black (Drake Hogestyn). There’s no more ridiculous eye brow lifting, and this new cold, callous type of character suits his acting abilities very well.
But will the new robotic John remain?
Or will the old syrupy John return to his beloved Doc?
So far, cold and callous is pulling ahead.
Moreover, is it truly believable that the only casualty from this tremendous crash and loss of oxygen was “Pop,” who, quite honestly, was probably about to kick the bucket anyway?
Again, no, but it is necessary for me to remove “believable” from my vocabulary for one fabulous hour a day.
What fate will meet Salem’s main players next?
Check out this video of the plane going down.

They crashed somewhere in Iceland or the North Pole with little to no shelter and no food. Although John did manage to find the mini bottles of liquor from the destroyed plane!
Perhaps Kayla will lose her baby; Bo will have brain damage or Chloe will admit to killing Brady. We know Belle and Shawn are history at the end of the month, and maybe little Claire will melt John’s heart before her parents’ (and presumably her) departure.
Or, will everyone live happily ever after?
I prefer all the drama that Salem has to offer and I am excited to see where the “Big Crash of ’08” will lead!

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