Suzanne Oberman, our DOOL specialist, has returned as a guest blogger to offer her commentary on the latest happenings in Salem.
Will Bo really die?
By Suzanne Oberman
Well, they killed John. Or so we thought.
And like John, Bo has been a fundamental part of the Days of Our Lives script for many eons.
So now how are we supposed to believe they could really kill off Bo (Peter Reckell)?
The whole dying pancreas scenario has been dragging on for what seems like months that it’s hardly convincing he’ll just *poof* recover and live happily ever after.
And there’s also the fact that the only viable donor for the ultra-dangerous and risky transplant procedure is his daughter Chelsea who just got drunk!
Oh the drama!
Nevertheless, I believe the backlash that befell the writers and producers of Days after the supposed death of John will play a part in the revival of Bo’s toxic pancreas.
I just wish they would stop dragging it on for so long or else I might stage a backlash of my own!
As much as the Sami and EJ storyline can induce constant eye-rolling and serious bouts of nausea, I’m kind of missing it amidst this sluggish and ill-written sequence of “events” (and I use that word very loosely).
Let’s get back to what I now consider the good stuff.
Will Sami and EJ get together?
Or will she still pine for “Mucus Lucas?”
Don’t get me wrong-I am still concerned for Bo’s failing pancreas.
But after what happened with John I just do not think it actually will fail.
I am guessing that Bo will pull through with Chelsea saving the day and Dr. Jonas will be deemed a hero.
We’ve seen slight twinges of flirtation between Dr. “I know everything” Jonas and Chelsea. Although it seems a bit creepy if you ask me.
And excuse me, but weren’t Shawn and Belle supposed to be off the show a month ago?
Send them off sailing across the world and be done with it!
Be gone boring and frivolous, hello steamy and salacious!

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