By Michele Dargan

First of all, let me start out by saying I loved the tribute to Dick Clark and American Bandstand.

So well-deserved!

It was difficult watching Dick Clark sobbing at the end and I do think they could have taken the camera off of him sooner.

I also am so happy that Agnes Nixon, creator One Life To Live and All My Children was honored with the Lifetime Achievement Award.

Agnes Nixon - Lifetime Achievement Award

Again, well-deserved and so appropriate that Susan Lucci give her that award.

Known as bringing social issues to her daytime dramas, Nixon is a pioneer and a trailblazer.

All I have to say is that I wish she were still at the helm of her beloved soaps.

The tribute to As The World Turns, which is ending its 54-year television run in September, was definitely sad.

But I really wish they had used more clips from its early days….I find that when they do these tributes to longtime soaps, they use a couple of old clips and a majority of newer ones.

As many of my Twitter peeps noted last night, where was the In Memoriam???

I think that was a huge black eye on the event, not to have honored those who have passed away and have given so much to the genre.

And there was NO pre-awards, red carpet coverage!

Where the heck was SOAPnet with that?

I know SOAPnet (the alleged soap channel) is going off the air in 2012, but has it already checked itself off the air?

SOAPnet usually carries that portion of the program.

That was a HUGE faux pas not having live red carpet coverage.

Click here to see SOAPnet’s still photo red carpet gallery

And, for the record, I don’t think the 2010 Daytime Emmy Awards were rigged for CBS – per se – just because it was broadcast on that network.

(My tweets last night were taken out of context…coming from a reporter I never thought I’d be saying THOSE words – LOL!)

Facts: the awards WERE broadcast on CBS and it did receive the majority of major awards.

But I DO think ABC got ripped off….there were some amazing actors and actresses from ABC who were nominated.

That’s not taking ANYTHING away from the CBS actors who did win and I’m not saying they didn’t deserve it.

In the name of full disclosure, I am an ABC soap fan. Those are the main soaps that I watch daily.

(Hey, I can’t watch them all…I have a day job!)

Julie Berman (Lulu/GH) took home the Best Younger Actress Emmy and was the only ABC actor/actress to do so.

It was her second consecutive win in this category and huge kudos to her!

I do think the sentimentality of As The World Turns ending in three months may have factored in to the fact that ATWT won so much. (Note the usage of may have.)

And that’s not a bad thing, because this is their last chance to win for this soap and it is a wonderful tribute to this longest running soap.

It’s really extremely sad that As The World Turns is ending – and following so closely on the heels of it’s CBS compatriot Guiding Light closing down last year.

I enjoyed the emotion and the speeches by the ATWT actors who won: Maura West for Outstanding Lead Actress (Carly/ATWT), Michael Park for Outstanding Lead Actor (Jack/ATWT) and Outstanding Supporting Actress Julie Pinson (Janet/ATWT).

I really liked the way Pinson – in her acceptance speech – payed homage to her fellow nominees in the supporting actress category….Very classy of her!

Julie Pinson (Janet/ATWT) winner of Outstanding Supporting Actress

Just like last year, I think that was one of the strongest categories.

In my opinion, it should have been between Carolyn Hennesy (Diane/GH) and Bree Williamson (Jessica/OLTL) for the win.

Again, not taking anything away from Pinson.

Hennesy is one of the brightest spots on GH….Among all of the mob violence and doom and gloom, Hennesy as the saavy mob lawyer who brings a humaness to all the violent stuff around her.

Carolyn Hennesy (Diane/GH) Oustanding Supporting Actress nominee

She lights up the screen and is a master at putting a smile on my face while I’m watching her masterfully portray the smart, sometimes wise-cracking Diane.

As for Williamson (Jessica/OLTL), she got totally ripped off last year. She should have won it, hands down, no question!

So she’s nominated again this year….with equally strong performances – and she doesn’t win again? Huh?

Williamson is one of the strongest performers on OLTL…she constantly delivers in all of her scenes – whether comic or sadness – Williamson gives 110 percent.

In the Outstanding Supporting Actor category, Brian Kerwin (Charlie/OLTL) got my vote.

Again, not taking away ANYTHING from winner Billy Miller (Billy/Y&R)….but Kerwin is a great veteran who brings lots of experience to the role of Charlie Bank and has brought lots of layers to the character in the past year.

I also have to give nods and kudos to Bradford Anderson (Spinelli/GH) and Jonathan Jackson (Lucky/GH) for their noms and, quite frankly, I would have been happy if they had won.

Anderson….what can I say….he is totally amazing as the offbeat, sweet and brilliant computer geek Spinelli….He’s another one who brings so much to his character and to the role, that he really needs to win this at some point.

Jackson…I must say I was less than happy when he took the role back from Greg Vaughan, who I loved as Lucky. When Jackson first came back, I thought he looked way too young to be Lucky….let alone a cop.

But, I must say, Jackson has won me over.

He gave such gut-wrenching performances when Lucky found out about Liz/Nik betrayal and he’s done such good work that I’ve come around to thinking of him as Lucky.

There’s no doubt he’s a wonderful actor and I also love his scenes with Luke (Tony Geary) and Ethan (Nathan Parsons) his new-found brother.

As far as Outstanding Drama Series, the Bold and the Beautiful won for the second consecutive year!


Oh…almost forgot….

So glad that Cash Cab won two Emmys, including Ben Bailey for Outstanding Game Show Host.

I love that show!

6 thoughts on “2010 Daytime Emmys Left Me Wondering….

  1. dinahleigh
    June 28, 2010 at 4:39 pm

    So happy for Maura and Michael, but wish JJ(Lucky) won!!!

  2. Silas Kain
    June 28, 2010 at 4:49 pm

    Overall the show was better than normal but the failure of highlighting the losses in Daytime through a Memorial montage was outright wrong, period. CBS producers and the Emmys people messed up and should be held to account.

    What really infuriates me is that soap fans get it. They appreciate that daytime actors defy the odds in employment within their profession. The audience outside daytime never gets to appreciate just how hard actors, writers and crew for daytime work. They are the unsung heroes of their respective professions.

    As soaps die and Reality takes over, work gets scarce for actors and writers. As the pool dries up, other businesses fall like the restaurants surrounding a studio. New York City has lost so much in the way of the talent pool in the last 10 years. And now only OLTL tapes here.

    As quirky as soaps may be at times, they have been an invaluable resource in really inspiring viewers to think outside the box. Daytime dramas have had an impact on our social consciousness in a way no other medium has achieved. So, as the soaps wane away, I think it’s important to remember these unsung heroes and their contributions. Agnes Nixon and Irna Phillips, in their vision, caused millions to awake from their intellectual slumber. That’s the ultimate loss for the fans who get it.

  3. soapbox1
    June 28, 2010 at 5:14 pm

    Hey Dinahleigh! Thanks for posting! Glad some of your faves won! I am happy for the ATWT winners, for sure!

    Hey Silas!
    Sad, eh? I started watching soaps in high school (back in the dark ages and too many years ago than I care to admit)…and they have provided such a comfort to me and such an outlet from the so-called real world.
    I, also, am sad that AMC moved to the west coast and OLTL is the last east coast soap standing! I hope that doesn’t signal OLTL’s imminent demise, but that has been the rumor.
    Yes, soap fans, get it…and I don’t like the way TV is going. I hate (most) reality shows and feel that it’s a sad commentary on life in general when we replace soap operas (a means of escapism for so many) with so-called “reality” TV…and, as we all know, it should be named un-reality TV, because most of it is scripted.
    I mean, c’mon, the Bachelor/Bachelorette for one is SO fake and scripted….But that is one show that I do watch (don’t ask my why because I hate it!).
    In your always eloquent way, Silas, you have spot on described the unfortunate trend of daytime TV.
    Thanks for posting,

  4. dinahleigh
    June 28, 2010 at 5:33 pm

    Yeah I know now its rumor about OLTL, getting tired see all my favorite soaps leaving!!!

  5. Paula
    June 28, 2010 at 11:53 pm

    Hi Michele!

    I agree, the Dick Clark tribute was very moving and much deserved. I also agree about the ATWT tribute. They really do need to include clips from the earlier days during these tributes. They overlooked a lot of good stuff, but of course it was so short I’m amazed they had room for anything. It was worse than the Guiding Light tribute last year and that one was pretty bad. And yes, I think Soapnet has already packed it in. They aren’t even trying anymore.

    I also agree about Cash Cab, great show. I had a stomach bug a few years ago and that’s all I felt like watching. lol!


  6. Kera
    June 29, 2010 at 6:42 am

    I really enjoy your take on things! I went to an Emmy party and we were pretty bummed about the lack of coverage as well. However, despite all the things that drove me crazy and disappointed me, it was fantastic to see such class acts come together.