Wasn’t that a wonderful acceptance speech given by Vincent Irizarry (Dr. David) on winning the Best Supporting Actor Emmy Sunday night?
He started off his speech with dedicating his award to his “beloved son Ash who is fighting our nation’s battles in the land of Afghanistan right now…To you, Ash, and to all your brave brothers and sisters in arms right now, Thank you. Come home safe, come home soon.”
He went on to thank and share the award with his wife and his other children. He also thanked his co-workers and – to a rousing applause – thanked “the people behind the camera, the crew.”
He was so incredibly eloquent and generous in his speech.
Well, here….Take a few moments to watch the video for yourself. It is well worth it.

The category was so strong that Irizarry tied with Jeff Branson (Shayne) from Guiding Light, who used to play Jonathan Lavery on AMC.
By the way, I think the Supporting Actor and Actress categories contained the toughest competition.
The only other thing that I will say about the Emmys is that I think Bree Williamson (Jessica/OLTL) got totally ripped off in the Supporting Actress category.
She should have won that Emmy, unequivocally hands down.
Her scenes before and after Nash’s death were gut-wrenching and her portrayal of three distinct personas – Jess/Tess/Bess – was nothing short of amazing.
And I’m not at all slighting anyone else in that category, because it was very, very strong competition.
I love AMC’s Melissa Claire Egan’s portrayal of Crazy Annie. She is so great to watch.
AMC’s Alicia Minshew as Kendall is always on…..giving 110 percent to every performance.
Please don’t misunderstand.
I think Tamara Braun, who won the award for her portrayal of Ava on DOOL, is a wonderful actress and has excelled at every role that she’s taken on.
She played a flawless “Carly Corinthos” on GH and did a wonderful job as “Reese” on AMC.
I’m just saying that Bree Williamson’s work was incredible above-and-beyond stuff and she should have been recognized for it.
What are your thoughts on the Daytime Emmys?
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