Holy 1980s!
Did I just hear right?
Sean Donely and Tiffany Hill will be making an appearance on General Hospital: Night Shift?
I wonder what those two kids have been up to?
Last viewers knew, superspy (and sometimes villain) Sean and his TV/movie star wife, Tiffany (or Elsie Mae Crumholtz, as long-time viewers will hilariously recall), were off somewhere living a glorious life together.
Portayers John Reilly and Sharon Wyatt played comedy and drama so well together. In fact, now that I think of it, that’s kind of what made those super-popular ’80s GH couples shine. All of them had a wonderful mixture of humor, romance, adventure and heartache.
Hmmmm … I think today’s GH writers could definitely take a cue from that.
In any case, Sean and Tiffany are scheduled to be on the Oct. 21 season finale, along with Tristan Rogers as Robert, Finola Hughes as Anna and Anthony Geary as Luke.
It should be wonderful to see all of these characters together again.
I may even break out my Frankie Goes to Hollywood T-shirt just for the occasion.

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